Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Using Pio To Learn How To Respond To Opponents That Under-Bluff

On today’s episode, Coach Brad and Jon use a popular poker solver called Pio to simulate a hand that Jon recently played online. The goal for this episode is not to learn the best way to play our hand in a GTO environment, but rather to learn how to adjust from GTO strategies when playing against an opponent who is likely to be either over or under-bluffing the river. Find out just how much more or less you should be calling when your opponent skews even slightly in one direction or the other.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Monster Hands Collide on Hustler Casino Live

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan’s Hustler Casino Live debut last weekend provided viewers with plenty of huge pots and action. Join Coach Brad and Jon as they dive into two of the biggest pots played last week. In the first hand, Gal flops a pair and the nut flush draw vs. Matt Berkey’s over-pair. In the second, Tom Dwan rivers quads vs. Garrett Adelstein’s nut straight.