Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Using Pio To Learn How To Respond To Opponents That Under-Bluff

On today’s episode, Coach Brad and Jon use a popular poker solver called Pio to simulate a hand that Jon recently played online. The goal for this episode is not to learn the best way to play our hand in a GTO environment, but rather to learn how to adjust from GTO strategies when playing against an opponent who is likely to be either over or under-bluffing the river. Find out just how much more or less you should be calling when your opponent skews even slightly in one direction or the other.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Hands From Greatness Village

Today’s episode of Tactical Tuesdayfeatures hand breakdowns of two hands posted in Greatness Village.

Hand #1 was submitted by Coach Thomas, the other resident coach in GV. Hand #2 was submitted by Charlie (Playing on the @The Lodge Live ), a GV member who regularly plays in the biggest streamed games in Texas.

If you would also like one of your hands analyzed on Tactical Tuesday, join the Chasing Poker Greatness community today at https://greatnessvillage.com!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Coach Brad vs. Jon: Episode 1

Last Thursday, during a live streamed cash game session, Coach Brad fired up a couple tables of 1kNL and was coincidently placed at a few of the same tables occupied by Jon. Unbeknownst to both student and coach, they battled each other in the anonymous games of Ignition, only realizing that they had played each other during a hand review session days later. Hit play to find out who came out on top in this Coach vs. Student showdown!