Joe Stapleton: Comedian, Poker Commentator, Upward Failer

As well as being a successful comedian, my guest today is known as one of the most popular and entertaining poker commentators to ever pick up a microphone.

Joe Stapleton, known to most as “Stapes”, has been an active poker commentator for over a decade.

Gaining immediate acceptance in the poker industry, Joe received a reader’s choice award from Bluff magazine during his very first year on the job.

Since then, he has served as commentator and host on many of the industry’s most successful television shows.
You may have heard his unmistakable voice and wit on the Pokerstars.Net Big Game, the NHL Alumni Charity Shootout, the Deepstacks Poker Tour, or the Deepstacks Western New York Poker Championship.

He’s also served as the host of several shows including:

– Shark Cage
– Poker Night In America
– Poker Night Live

Outside the realm of poker, he’s found plenty of success in the stand-up comedy world.

He’s worked on MAD TV and made a brief appearance in the Netlfix/Adam Sandler film “The Week Of” and wrote the comedy short film The Lost Archives of Quincy Taylor.

During our conversation Joe reveals that there is quite a lot of substance and deep thinking under the surface of a man that has spent much of his adult life just trying to make people laugh.
He’ll talk about everything from his biggest joy to some of his deepest pains, the amazing and long lasting effects of simply not being a dick, why he believes he caused Black Friday, and even the surprising way that he deals with Internet trolls that will hit you square in the feels.

This talk with one of poker’s biggest and brightest television personalities is one that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss.

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Daniel “Jungleman” Cates: Poker’s Version of Alexander the Great

Welcome back my friend to Chasing Poker Greatness, the podcast that brings you wisdom, insights, and inspiration from the greatest minds in the game of poker, all in their own words.

I’m your host and founder of Enhance Your Edge Brad Wilson, and in today’s episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down for a talk with an all-time poker legend and future hall of famer, Dan “Jungelman” Cates.

As poker’s version of Alexander the Great, Jungleman has conquered pretty much all there is to conquer in the poker world at the ripe old age of 29.

At 21 years old he accepted the “Durrr” challenge and blistered Mr. Dwan so badly that the challenge still hasn’t been completed 9 years later.
He’s racked up $7 million+ in poker tournament winnings despite spending the majority of his time battling in high stakes cash games where he most likely employees a dragon or 2 to guard the entrance to the vault of riches he’s won in said games.

He’s been documented in playing as big as $6k/$12k in Bobby’s room but I think I can safely say that where there exists the biggest cash game in the world … there’s almost always a Jungleman lurking.

He is, without a doubt, one of the most feared poker and respected players in the game today.

During our conversation you’ll learn:

– The concept of “reverse game selection” and how Jungleman used the tactic as rocket fuel to surge through the online ranks.

– The importance of overcoming your emotions that cloud your logic and

– Why working by yourself is inferior to using the knowledge of other people

And much much more!

So sit back, listen, and learn how an introverted 17-year-old kid with a video game obsession became one of poker’s living legends before hitting the big 3-0.

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Jonathan Little: 2x WPT Champ, $7 Million+, 14x Poker Strategy Author

Hello and welcome my friend! This is founder of Enhance Your Edge Brad Wilson and I am PUMPED to have you join me for another episode of Chasing Poker Greatness.

Today I’m speaking with the 2007 WPT player of the year Jonathan Little.

Jonathan is a 2 time WPT tournament champion with more than 6.8 million in tournament wins. He’s also published 14 of the most high impact poker strategy books on the market … with number 15 and 16 hitting shelves in the near future.

And not only is Jonathan a tournament crusher extraordinaire, as the founder of he’s also a world-class coach who creates all kinds of amazing strategic content across all platforms.

He also writes regularly for the largest poker websites on the Internet, and
I’m pretty sure we didn’t get into this much but I’m not quite sure when the man finds time to sleep.

But although he’s had great success, Jonathan is quick to point out that it wasn’t an easy path to get to where he is now.

He’s also pretty clear about the fact that, counterintuitively, he doesn’t believe that he possesses many of the qualities that most people associate with successful professional poker players.

But that most certainly hasn’t stopped him.

Jonathan is a perfect example of what you can achieve through hard work and dedication to your passion.

During our conversation, you’ll hear how he got his start in poker, how he’s managed to keep improving and stay on top over the last 15 years, and what he’s thinking for the future.

I’m sure you’ll also love his great insights into the game, what it takes to learn and improve, and the benefits of both teaching others and working with coaches.

There are few people in the game who work so tirelessly in trying to help others learn how to play cards, no matter what level they play at or wish to reach.

Jon was a joy to speak to and is an absolute gold mine for dispensing poker wisdom.

So without any further ado … I present to you, world champion poker player, prolific poker author, and world-class poker coach, Mister Jonathan Little.

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