Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: $5/$10 NL Hand Review

Coach Brad reviews two 3bet pots Jon played during a recent session where Jon ended up 3betting two hands on opposite ends of the spectrum. In the first hand, Jon 3bets AK and in the second hand he 3bets J4 suited. Find out how he fared with the premium and the napkins.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Playing Combo Draws

This week’s theme is playing flopped combo draws when you are out of position. In today’s two hands, both Coach Brad and Jon check raise the flop with monster draws and both players face tricky turns where their hands did improve, just not in the way that they had hoped. Hit play to find out how Coach Brad and Jon decided to proceed!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Poker Hands From Greatness Village

On this week’s Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad and his student Jon take a look at a couple of hands posted in Greatness Village. The first hand features Coach Thomas choosing to take an unorthodox line from the big blind against the button at 500NL. In the second hand, a villager raises preflop, bets the flop and the turn with a combo draw and arrives at the river with absolutely nothing. Tune in to find out whether you should be bluffing or giving up in those situations. If you’d like to potentially get one of your hands reviewed by Coach Brad on Tactical Tuesday sign up for the VIP Newsletter at https://chasingpokergreatness.com/VIP Going VIP will also get you access to Poker Power Hour, a weekly group coaching session hosted by the coaches of Greatness Village.