Hero Bluff Week #4: World Poker Tour

Today’s episode of Chasing Poker Greatness features one of the greatest to ever sit down at the green felt, Ike Haxton, getting a disgusting bluff through vs. Ryan Daut.

Hand #2 happened right before the COVID-19 pandemic at WPT Thunder Valley and involves Jake Schwartz and Tony Tran.

Hero Bluff Week #3: WSOP Champs

Today on Hero Bluff Week Thomas and I break down probably the most important bluff in poker’s history involving Chris Moneymaker and Sam Farha.

The other bluff we chose was a little bit more recent (it happened back in 2018) and involved a former WSOP champion trying to bully his way into another WSOP Main Event final table.

Hero Bluff Week #2: The Phil Ivey Special

Today’s episode features two pots from the greatest player to ever sit down at the green felt.

Hand 1 is a classic pitting Phil Ivey against Tom “Durrr” Dwan on High Stakes Poker where a pot BALLOONS to over $600,000.

Hand 2 is just Phil Ivey doing Phil Ivey things in a classic hand you genuinely do not want to miss.

Hero Bluff Week #1: Garrett vs. Andy

I’m convinced Live at the Bike was created just as a battleground for Andy and Garrett Adelstein to wage war against one another.

Kicking off “Hero Bluff Week” are two hands played by two of the best regulars in the nosiest of nose bleed cash games in the world.