Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: How to Play Flush Draws & Turning Pairs into Bluffs (Again) (Online Poker)

For this week’s poker training, love is in the air, but definitely not the good kind. Welcome to the first episode of Toxic Tuesday, where we’ve staged an intervention of sorts to make Jon face the hard facts that his love affairs with turning pairs into bluffs and chasing every flush draw with a pulse is causing him to lose money and preventing him from finding true love in this game of poker.

All’s fair in love and war, however, and Jon’s brought 10 (Yes, TEN) hands from his little black book to try to convince Coach Brad that it’s not him, it’s ALL OF US who can’t see the value in the eight high flush draw with a heart of gold that comes home every night at 4am.

Will Jon see the error of his ways and finally swipe right on a nice pair of Kings that can take care of him? Or will he keep looking for love in all the wrong Aces? Find out in Toxic, err, Tactical Tuesday 113.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Then vs. Now – Poker Bluffing Strategy Revisited for 2023 (Online Poker)

This week’s show format has been turned right on its head as we finally make good on Coach Brad’s previously broken promises — for which he still hasn’t apologized — to revisit some old hands from yesteryear, when Jon Chai was but a wee lad trying to scratch two big blinds together and find his way in this poker world.

Upon revisiting hands from all the way back in 2021 (a simpler time when Barbara Walters and Angela Lansbury were still entertaining us all), Coach Brad & Jon discover that maybe it’s not how the hands were played that’s important… but it was the friends we made along the way.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Coach Brad And Jon Make A Bet

On this week’s episode of Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad and Jon decide to switch up the format. Jon presents two hands where he fired a river bluff and Coach Brad has to guess which bluff got through and which one didn’t. If Brad guesses correctly, Jon pays $100 and vice versa if Brad guesses incorrectly. See if you can figure out which bluff got through and which one got picked off and who wins the $100!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: So I Told Jon to Stop Turning Pairs into Bluffs…

A few episodes ago I (Coach Brad) told Jon that I wasn’t a fan of some of his hands where he decided to turn pairs into bluffs (see the Tactical Tuesday that aired on August 10, 2021). Jon, as he usually does, took my advice to heart and has now decided to start bluffing with hands that make me EVEN MORE uncomfortable. Find out how Jon’s crazy river adventures turn out this time and whether I approve.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Unnatural Bluffing Spots Part Deux

Coach Brad and his student Jon return for a second episode of “Finding Unnatural Bluffing Opportunities.” Coach Brad kicks us off with a hand from $500NL Zone where he finds himself on the river with 9-high in a 3bet pot and only 15 seconds to make a decision. In the second half of the episode Jon shares a hand where he misclicks the turn and arrives on the river with 5-high. Will Coach Brad and Jon be able to turn their lemons into lemonade? Find out now on Episode #8!