Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Bluffcatching For Stacks

This week’s theme is bet calling bluffcatchers on the river. On today’s episode you’ll hear Coach Brad and Jon verbalize their thoughts after betting a marginal hand for value on the river and getting put to the test for rest of their chips. Will Coach Brad and Jon be able to make the correct call or fold? Find out now on Tactical Tuesday!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Getting Out Of Line & Breaking Hearts

Today’s episode of the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast features two recent hands Coach Thomas played on Ignition with a Queen Deuce and a Queen Trey. You’re going to hear straight from the horses mouth why Coach Thomas opted to put in three-bets with hands that don’t really have much business putting extra money into the pot and gain some valuable lessons as it relates to counting combos when bluff catching.