Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Bluff Catching In Cash Game Poker: When Is Ace High Better Than An Overpair?

Our newest installment in the Tactical Tuesday free poker training series features CPG Founder and Coach Brad Wilson with co-host Jon Chai as they dive into yet another pair of online cash game poker hand breakdowns focusing this time on bluff catching spots against the all-too-common all in jam by adventurous villains. With upper range hands in both situations, should Jon ever find a fold? And what about the properties of blockers when facing large river bets? ***FREE POKER COURSE*** Click here to get the NURRLE poker course completely for free: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/poker-courses/#free-nurrle

Our first poker hand up for review is from 1000NL where Jon finds himself holding Ace Ten suited in the small blind and decides to flat a reg’s open from the cutoff so as to keep the whale in the big blind in the hand. It doesn’t work, so we’re in for some reg on reg crime as we see a favorable flop.

The second poker hand up for analysis is Pocket Tens. Other than flopping a set, how are mere mortals supposed to play this hand? Just make sure all 5 cards come out lower than that — you’re welcome. If only it were that simple all the time, but in this instance, eyebrows are raised when the 3-Betting big blind triple barrel jams on the same board that favors hero. Is Jon about to get coolered by a higher overpair, which are all within villain’s range? An interesting case study in bluff catching and blockers / unblockers transpires in this hand as Jon plays for stacks yet again.

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Video: Poker Lessons in Hand Reading and Recognizing Opponent’s Range

As for this week’s free poker training video, Coach Brad Wilson and co-host Jon Chai are back for 2023 with more online cash game poker hand breakdown content for your enjoyment and high level poker learning. Poker pro Jon Chai rings in the new year with two hands for review this week; each with unconventional action and of course inflated pots (it is Jon, after all) from the 1000NL online poker streets. **FREE POKER COURSE** Click here to get the NURRLE poker course completely for free: https://chasingpokergreatness.com/pok…

The first poker hand is from 5/10 No Limit and Jon isn’t sure if this is a 100% punt or a genius play by a strong-willed villain in a 3bet pot. Let’s see if the age old adage “dueces never loses” holds true as we face an aggressive line.

The second poker hand up for scrutiny is a “choose your own adventure” in 1000NL multiway hands as we witness the button surprisingly limp and then everyone calls a $45 open by the small blind. We flop some equity, but we need to do a bit of hand reading and range analysis to avoid getting carried away in this multiway pot that sees an equity shifting turn and definitely an equity shifting river.

00:00 Tactical Tuesday Episode 107 Intro
00:30 Coach Brad Wilson & Poker Pro Jon Chai wish each other a happy new year
02:40 Discussion of this week’s poker strategy theme, which is a sort of punt autopsy and hand reading theme — we’re still not sure
03:23 Hand No. 1: 2s2c (hero) in the cutoff vs. reg villain in the big blind (3bet pot)
20:15 Join the CPG Wolves! (application info below)
21:11 Hand No. 2: AsQc (hero) in the big blind vs. multiway villains in the small blind and on the button
39:24 Outro: go to chasingpokergreatness.com for more!

Tactical Tuesday Free Poker Training Podcast: Bluffcatching For Stacks

This week’s theme is bet calling bluffcatchers on the river. On today’s episode you’ll hear Coach Brad and Jon verbalize their thoughts after betting a marginal hand for value on the river and getting put to the test for rest of their chips. Will Coach Brad and Jon be able to make the correct call or fold? Find out now on Tactical Tuesday!