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Data and study is the easy part… we think? It’s that other half that makes a thinking poker player lose sleep: the mental game.

Preflop charts and hand reps can only take you so far. For those seeking the intangible edge, for those poker players looking to unlock something else within themselves — it takes an exploration of the mind to find and forget your fears; to put yourself into a place of presence in the game.

CPG has searched the earth (or the internet; same thing) for poker’s leading philosophers, mindset experts, and performance gurus to take deep dives into the headspace game within the game.

Join us each week for Philosophical Fridays, dive into the archives of the Detox Files, or check out one of the many CPG pod episodes dedicated to this infinite subject matter.

Choose Your Poker Adventure To Mental Toughness, Focus, & Wellness:

Philosophical Friday Topical Poker Discussions

UCLA Professor Duncan Palamourdas and Coach Brad Wilson fire up the philosophy every Friday to explore both the niche and broad concepts inherent in the wonderful game of poker and the poker industry as a whole. Join Greatness Village to recommend your own topics of discussion!

The Detox Files: Poker Life Guidance From Nick Howard

Poker thought guru Nick Howard (founder of Poker Detox) joins forces with Coach Brad Wilson to deliver enlightening discussions about striking an optimal balance in any player's poker life. The road is hard, and nobody gets there without mental fortitude. What do you do when you get blocked? These poker conversations and more within.

Poker Mindset & Poker Performance Interviews

No poker brand has gone deeper than CPG in its pursuit of unlocking the power of your poker mind and finding the right people qualified to give you the roadmap. Through in-depth interviews with today's leading poker mindset and success luminaries, Coach Brad brings the audience on this chase for mental greatness.

Philosophical Friday: Poker Discussions And Perspectives Beyond the Green Felt

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Poker Mindset & Performance Episodes on the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast:

More Perspectives from the Chasing Poker Greatness Poker Blog:

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