Poker is not what you think it is

For the past couple of months I’ve been desperately trying to come up with a way to clearly describe how I and other high level players think about poker so that you can see the game more clearly.

This is the best I’ve come up with so far.

Things are about to get pretty abstract so I’m gonna ask you to stay with me because the payoff could change your entire perspective of the game (Or it could be a dumpster fire… Either way, expect some kind of feeling!)


I want you to imagine a Village that’s populated by 1326 Avatars, each one comes equipped with $200 in their front pocket.

This Village is set in the Groundhog Day universe so at the end of each day everything resets and it all starts over.

Before you wake up in this Village, your spirit flows into one of the 1326 avatars randomly, and then they’re yours to control until The Great Reset.

Now what do the folks who visit this Village love to do?

They LIVE to both BET and RACE!

The thing is though, some avatars are naturally MUCH faster than others…

Which means you can wake up feeling like Quicksilver or you can wake up feeling like a sloth…

All depending on your randomly assigned Avatar.

So you hop out of bed in your new body, try to judge how fast you feel today, and head to the starting point of the race where you meet up with your fellow competitors.

If this is your first time waking up in this Village, you probably have no idea how fast your Avatar is compared to the rest of the field so it’s very difficult to judge how you’ll do.

Two of you (Which has been predetermined) are obligated (Regardless of how confident you feel) to place a $1 and $2 bet on yourselves to win the race.

This is a law that cannot be broken.

Now all of you begin betting on whether you think you’re going to win the race.

There’s a set order in which the bets must be placed that will not change at any future stage of the race. The order, however, will change after The Big Reset.

If your Avatar feels slower than molasses you have the option of sitting the race out, waiting until The Big Reset, and then you can get a brand-new Avatar.

If at any stage of the race an Avatar places a bet on themselves to win and no racer is willing to match that bet, the Avatar who placed that bet wins the race automatically.

Once the bets are placed, the starting pistol is fired and the competitors shoot out of the gate.

But this isn’t just any old race, no no.

This race is unique in that there are 4 Stages (I just described the first stage) total with power-ups distributed at Stages 2, 3, and 4.

Imagine the power-ups being a futuristic shot of adrenaline & steroids that acts as an Avatar nitrous boost…

They can turn Mr. Sloth into The Flash.

So if that short pudgy Avatar all of a sudden wants to bet all of their money that they’re going to win, they may have just gotten a major power-up.

Here’s how Stages 2, 3, & 4 play out:

Stage 2: 60% of the power-ups are distributed to the remaining racers and there is a new round of betting.

Stage 3: 20% of the power-ups are distributed to the remaining racers and there is a new round of betting.

Stage 4: The exact same as Stage 3 with one difference…

When the betting in Stage 4 ends, the racers fly to the finish line and the winner is determined.

The winner gets all the money that was bet on the race. Second place gets nothing.

The thing is, there’s no scoreboard in this Village so it’s extremely difficult for the racers to determine how they’re doing on Day 4,329…

But It-Is-Known that the gods of the Village keep a ledger of the results.

And your score is NOT based on how many races you’ve won or lost…

Your score is based on how much MONEY you’ve won or lost in all the days you’ve spent in this Village.

As you spend more time in this Village and experience more and more Avatars, you begin to gain an innate awareness as to that specific Avatar’s racing ability compared to the other 1326 potential Avatars.

When you wake up feeling like Sonic the Hedgehog, you know you have a great shot of winning the race and are willing to bet heavily on yourself.

You also understand how fast an “average” Avatar is so that you can attack the folks who are forced to place a bet regardless of how fast they feel.

But if your brand new or aren’t learning from your experiences in this Village, you’re going to want to join in every race thinking…

“Oh yeah, I might be slow but I’m gonna get the power-ups and take this sucker down BOYYYYYY!”

And you do have a chance to win… It just isn’t very high.

Which means, at the end of your racing career, your scorecard is going to be pretty awful.

You’ll be running in races on most days, regularly losing, and winning $0 for each 2nd place finish.

So if you wanted to have success in this Village, what would be the first thing you’d do?

The first thing I’d do is compile a complete report on the speed of all 1326 Avatars so that I could easily figure out when I needed to make bets and when I needed to sit the race out.

I’d call it Stage 1 Racer Bootcamp (Or Preflop Bootcamp, if you will) and sell it for $297 at:


And that, in a nutshell, is how I think about the game of poker.

Endless repetitions of the same exact day that plays out until the end of time.

If you do a good job of making better bets than your opponents, you will win money over the long run. This is a guarantee.

In closing…

To be frank, I have no earthly idea if this story will make a lick of sense to you or anyone else who is not me.

If you do find it valuable, however, hit the “reply” button and let me know…

I’ll tell more stories about gaining edges in this little Racing Village in the Groundhog Day universe.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad