Poker Database Analysis To Razor Sharpen Your Game And Plug Every Leak

Chasing Poker Greatness offers forensic Poker Database Analysis of your hand history to identify and fix blind spots and shortcomings in your poker game.

Our database analysis team is equipped to deep dive into your every hand; isolating problematic trends, reviewing your leaks, and identifying failure points but also missed opportunities in your game.

The good news is, it’s not rooted in criticism. All database reviews include a roadmap to not only fixing these issues, but to seizing with vengeance the +EV opportunities you’ve been missing all this time in your hand history.

Ready to meet your new winrate? We will show you the way.

Good players can fix the leaks they see in their hand history.

Great players look for the leaks they didn’t even know existed.

So why choose Poker Database Analysis?

Think firstly of the pro basketball player. They have been taught how to shoot, they have been given plays to execute on the court, and their fitness is constantly worked on. Watching a game will show you if a player is good or not, it will show some areas that a player needs work on, but that’s not the whole story. So how do they fill out the picture? How do they turn great players into world class players? How do they turn a great team into a championship winning Team?

The answer? Statistics. Points, Rebounds, Assists, Turnovers, etc. This is what allows a coach to devise an optimal training plan for each individual player and the team as a whole. Poker is no different.

You understand the fundamentals of the game, you have taken some coaching or bought some courses… now it’s time to find out if you are executing all you have learned optimally or if you have knowledge gaps that you are unaware of. This is where our forensic database analysis comes in. I examine all aspects of your game, both pre and post flop, and find those areas that you need to work on most to improve your winrate.

At the end of our analysis meeting you will have a detailed training roadmap that will allow you to use your study time more effectively by focusing on those areas that require your attention the most.

"You don't know what you don't know."

What types of poker players will benefit from Poker Database Analysis?

Basically anyone who is serious about improving their game and getting to the next level in their poker career will find many benefits from a poker database analysis. From pro to enthusiastic recreational, the service will provide you with invaluable data that will elevate your game, improve your winrate, and allow you to focus your training and study to areas that will actually make a difference.

If you still have doubts, just ask yourself this one question:

“If I am trying to improve in a game that is based mostly on mathematical concepts, and I am already collecting all this data, can I really afford not to understand what all that data is trying to tell me?”

Here's Peter's recent Graph. After Fixing Your Blind Spots, He Can Help You Get Here.


So what does the Poker Database Analysis process look like?

The following list walks you through the process of database review:


  • If using Ignition / Bovada / Bodog, PokerStars, Americas Cardroom, or any same network — hands can be exported from Holdem Manager or PokerTracker and sent.
  • If you play on PartyPoker, there may be some difficulties with the portion of the service that utilizes Hand2Note due to the way PartyPoker provides hand histories. If playing on PartyPoker, contact us before buying using the contact form at the bottom of this page so we can ascertain if we can analyze your database effectively.
  • If you play on GGPoker or other GG skins, hands can be exported from Holdem Manager or PokerTracker and sent direct. However, in order for the Hand2Note portion to be provided, your hands must be converted from your original downloaded hands using Hand2Note’s GG converter. This is a free service that is provided, however it can be a little bit slow, as you can only convert 30 files at a time. If you are considering this service, the sooner you begin converting and separately saving these hands, the better.
  • If you play on any iPoker skins then you can send hands directly exported from Holdem Manager. If you use PokerTracker 4, then you must send hands that have been archived by your poker client as PT converts these hands and they can’t be used in Hand2Note, so sending hand direct from a PokerTracker 4 database is no good.
  • If you play on any other site or skin not included here, e-mail before purchase so that we can check the compatibility of your database to the service we provide.

Purchase CPG's Poker Database Analysis Service here:

CPG Poker Database Analysis Service

Performed by a CPG Data Analyst
$ 599
  • Full review of your hand history by an expert poker database analyst
  • Review session call with you to outline the findings within your data
  • Expert consult from a CPG data analyst with roadmap and suggestions for fixing problem areas
  • Full PDF report given to you to study and reference moving forward
$599 USD
Purchase Database Analysis Services Here:
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This service is intended to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the elements of your game that need the most attention and how you begin to address these issues. Understanding where to focus your valuable study time away from the felt is crucial to becoming the player you want to become, be it profitable recreational or soul crushing pro.


Talk with us about Poker Database Analysis and seriously upgrade your game!

Your blind spots will be revealed. Your leaks will be found.

Meet Peter Bermingham, the Poker Database Analysis Expert at Chasing Poker Greatness...

“Beware the Coach who seemingly has ALL the answers.”

Recent clients share their thoughts about the Poker Database Analysis process:

"Peter's database analysis is incredibly detail-oriented. I thought that my game was solid preflop, but he caught that I wasn't adjusting well to sizings from villains. He also found mistakes that I had no idea I was making. I came away with more than a page of notes to focus on for the next couple months, and winrate immediately improved after my session with him."
200NL Reg
"Peter does an excellent job with database analysis. He has helped me to identify and correct my leaks that I never saw before, in a way that is easy to understand. If you're serious about improving your poker game, I highly recommend having a database analysis done with Peter. It's the best way to find and correct your leaks that you never knew you had, and it will help you to start winning more money at the table."
500NL Reg

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