Phil Hellmuth should NEVER do another elaborate WSOP entrance.

Phil Hellmuth (He of 15 WSOP gold bracelets and $24 Million+ in live MTT cashes) is a bold man.

So bold, in fact, his entrances to major poker events around the world have reached legendary status and include:

  • Dressing up as a five-star general and being accompanied by 11 models (One to represent each of his gold bracelets).
  • Dressing up as Caesar and being carried into the WSOP by a bunch of gladiators.
  • A little 12 minute diddy I found on YouTube of him Samba dancing with a handful of Brazilian dancers at a 2018 event in Rio De Janeiro.

So why do I think he should NEVER do another elaborate entrance?

Is it because my wife covered her face out of embarrassment at Phil’s Samba skills? Or maybe because I think he ought to be more humble as he’s getting older?


I believe he shouldn’t do them anymore because he’s PHIL “GD” HELLMUTH!

You think Genghis Khan (One of the most influential and powerful human being to have ever walked the earth) dressed up like Julius Caesar when he addressed his Mongol horde??

No chance.

But how exactly did Phil get to the top of the poker hierarchy? And what’s the most common knock on Phil Hellmuth’s poker game?

Here’s the Big One:

“Phil Hellmuth is only great when he plays against bad players.”

Which means the hate stems from Phil being EXCEPTIONAL when playing against fish but faring much worse against the best players in the world…

Uhhh, obviously!!

Good luck finding a massive edge against the Justin Bonomo’s, Fedor Holz’s, and Jason Koon’s of the world…

But you can make a great living against Retired Ronnie who plays at your local country club and travels out to the WSOP for a couple of $1,500 NLH events every year for fun.

And since the pro’s make almost all of their money (Sorry pros but facts is facts) from the Retired Ronnie’s of the world and NOT the Jason Koon’s…

Doesn’t it make sense to invest most of your time and energy figuring out how to win MORE than your fair share of Retired Ronnie’s money?

And then (Only AFTER you’ve solved the riddle of beating the brakes off of the fish) you ought to move on to hunting more dangerous game.

Which ultimately means Phil Hellmuth went about his poker career in the MOST intelligent way possible and the hate that comes his way is because….


Which is exactly why (In that same Hellmuth’ian spirit) I created The Fish Saga (My collection of courses designed to maximally exploit the weakest and most profitable players you’ll ever play against)…

So that you don’t have to do to work like Phil Hellmuth did to learn his secrets of success.

So that when a player sits down who loses 50 big blind per 100 hands played YOU will get more than your fair share of their loss rate.

And my latest creation, Feeding Frenzy, was created using massive amounts of data to map out the entire Turn and River game tree when you’re in position vs. a fish in a single raised pot.

No guessing. No theorizing.

The Feeding Frenzy strategies were created to take advantage of the mistakes fish are ACTUALLY making over and over again when they play poker.

Those strategies include:

  • Calling thresholds vs. Turn raises on ALL TURN CARD TYPES!
  • Calling threshold’s vs. Turn raises + River bet sizes of 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% on ALL RIVER CARD TYPES!
  • Calling thresholds vs. River raises of from (minimum) 2x to 3.5x+ on ALL RIVER CARD TYPES!

So if wanna learn some unofficial Phil Hellmuth “White Magic” you can study, learn, and then confidentally execute to devastating effect…

Here’s your link to my latest Weapon of Mass Fish Destruction:

Talk to you tomorrow.

  • Coach Brad