Phil Galfond is the Most Selfish Man in Poker

Dear VIP,

The gloves are off.

Shots have been fired.

Poker’s most noble hero has done the community a grave disservice.

Years ago Phil Galfond worked the poker world into a frenzy by announcing he was going to try his hand at creating a poker platform.

A poker platform where every type of player would be valued.

A poker platform that cherished the dream of playing professionally.

One and a half years ago Run It Once Poker officially launched as the poker world’s greatest hope for poker utopia.

And Phil Galfond, bless his heart, is letting us down.

Not by being greedy or selling out.

He’s selfishly remaining the most humble human in poker.

Exhibits A and B From Galfond’s Twitter:

“I usually refrain from explaining things like this myself because people have no reason to believe me, so I’m very thankful when other people point them out…”

Don’t wait for us to point out your awesomeness, we already fucking trust you man!

“I’m hesitant to speak poorly about another poker site without lots of info, so I won’t say more for now, but to be clear: Praising dialogue doesn’t mean I agree w/ the site’s actions.”

Do you expect us to invest our own energy trying to figure out that you handle things differently?

Bro, we’re lazy poker players!

Ram it down our throats!

You’re breaking our hearts by being more like Mother Theresa and less like Dana White.

Be aggressive, get the chips … WE NEED YOU!

Stop being so damn selfish and sell your platform like your life depends on it.

On that note…

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Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad