Opportunity Does Not Care If You’re Ready – MGM with Jason Su

A story from my past:

In 2006 I played my first main event at the WSOP, and I was certain of one thing: I did not want to win.

I would have been happy to cash, or go deep, and I even specifically remember telling myself that it would be okay to get third place.

But the attention and fame that would have come with winning – that was completely off the table.

I managed to cash for a little over $26k, which increased my bankroll and kept me out of the spotlight, which I considered a great result.

It’s funny to think about now, because in that tournament my EV was the highest it will ever be for any tournament I ever play because the field was so soft.

Most people have this thought:

“I wish I could go back in time with the poker knowledge I have now …”

But mine is different:

I’d love to play that event again, knowing what I know now about limiting beliefs, being comfortable in my own skin, and only caring about what I think of myself, rather than others.

I’d love to know what would have happened.

But I’ll never know.

Because life doesn’t care about how ready you are when it gives you the opportunity, it just comes when it comes.

And you need to be ready to receive it.


These days, I actually feel like I could win the main event and handle all the things that come with it.

All the big energy and emotions that come with being on a big stage – the fear, the excitement, all of it – I can see myself riding the waves, and even enjoying it.

Whenever the next WSOP main is, I’ll be there, doing my best to win the whole damn thing.

But that missed opportunity will always be there, and I hope that when your golden ticket shows
up, you’re completely happy with who you are, comfortable letting the world see you, and ready to have all the success you deserve.

Till next week,


Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.

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