NUTTLE (Neutralize Turn Leads)
Poker Course

Let’s say everything’s going according to plan on the flop, and then the fish villain wakes up to seize the betting lead out of position on the turn. Enter NUTTLE: your literal blueprint for calldown protocol facing turn bets, air / draw strategy against turn donk bets, and value raise thresholds with sizing parameters and 5th street follow-up battle plans to take down the pot. Guidance for turn and river textures are pre-baked into the decision tree to make villain’s turn leads more neutralized than ever.

NUFFLE (Neutralize Flop Leads) Poker Course

Defend Perfectly Against Fish Flop Leads


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Calldown Protocol vs. Donk Turn Bets
Air / Draw Protocol vs. Turn Donk Bet
Value Guide vs. Turn w/ River Followup

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NUTTLE backstory in the ongoing global
war against villain leads.
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Originally developed in parallel secrecy to NUFFLE, the existence of NUTTLE was long doubted by global fish villains as they gained ground seizing significant shares of small pots in the early phases of the First Flop War of 2020. As the tides shifted toward pro-CPG factions when NUFFLE entered mass cloning production on the global scale, worldwide donk villains adopted a new strategy for seizing betting leads — this time on the turn — thus adding a new dimension to this global conflict that would be forever known as: the Turn Struggle of 2021. With Greatness Village borders again threatened by rogue betting lead seizures, a new neutralization strategy for countering turn leads emerged as a critical need on the green felt battlefields.

Unbeknownst to poker villains, the military braintrust at Chasing Poker Greatness had already anticipated this likely contingency, and immediately deployed NUTTLE as a preemptive containment strategy to neutralize the new threat of villain turn leads and arm CPG operatives with calldown protocol against turn bets, air/draw protocol, and value protocol to continue to protect +EV performance as the Turn Struggle continues to rage on into present day.

Here’s Everything You Get With Purchase Of
The NUTTLE Poker Course:

Call down, Air / Draw, And Value Protocols Vs. Turn Donk Bets

Fish turn leads shall be vanquished with the NUTTLE counter-strategy roadmap. With firm protocols based on profitable hand analysis of millions of poker hands, NUTTLE is the magic poker course to have in this spot.

Strats Developed By Definitive Data -- Not Theory

Through analysis of millions of poker hands, trends emerge from which counter-strategy can be extracted. Fish villains think remarkably alike, and when they donk bet the turn, you’ve gotta’ hit ’em hard with the NUTTLE rebuttal.

All NUTTLE Course Updates / Expansions Forever

If you buy NUTTLE, you’ve bought a license forever. The global poker trends are ever-shifting, and our R&D is ongoing accordingly to stay ahead. As our data changes to maintain max EV, we’ll update your data as we release it.

Neutralize turn leads with the NUTTLE poker course.

In addition to being pretty cute (aw), NUTTLE is a savage profit beast that will gleefully destroy villains on your behalf