NSA Confirms: Erik Seidel’s Body Controlled by Tiny Alien

Today I wanna talk to you about exponential growth.

1+1 = 5, if you will.

If you aren’t aware, in your coaches humble opinion Erik Seidel is the greatest poker player of all time.

Dudes first recorded cash on HendonMob was in 1988 (32 years ago), he’s racked up $37.7 million in cashes, and he’s continued to compete at the highest levels the entire time.

Here’s the GOAT clincher for me, though: Erik’s success rate as a coach is 100%. That’s a lot of percent.

His one student is world renowned author and psychology Ph.D. Maria Konnikova. If you haven’t heard her latest book, The Biggest Bluff, was recently voted as the greatest poker book of all-time in a very scientific Twitter competition ran by yours truly.

None of her matches were even that close.

So Erik’s one student (Who is now a professional poker player herself, by the way) wrote a book that will impact the poker world in a profoundly positive way for generations to come.

The only logical explanation for all of Erik’s success that allows me to sleep well at night is that he’s simply not of this world. Dude’s a shell of a human who has a tiny extraterrestrial being controlling his limbs.

Basically, the alien was sent down to rain eternal shame upon all the young poker prodigies and authors. I’m pretty sure it all went down right after Johnny Chan trapped him in the ’88 WSOP.

Regardless of when it happened, here’s the equation I want you to remember:

Erik + Maria = A legendary book that will impact millions of souls before it’s all said and done.

If Erik doesn’t agree to coach Maria there’s a good chance The Biggest Bluff never gets written…

For sure it wouldn’t have been as compelling without her mysterious guide.

And if Maria isn’t a world class word spinner with an otherworldly intelligence herself, Erik’s efforts would probably have been in vain.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I’m Erik Seidel because I’m not…

I promise to you that my body is devoid of aliens.

But I do have more coaching experience than him while coming in at a lower price point…

So if you’re striving for poker greatness and you have the feeling that You + Coach Brad will equal exponential growth for your poker career, here’s your link to schedule a free 30 minute consult:


Have a great weekend, Jason Su will catch ya on Monday.

Coach Brad

P.S. If I disappear or totally change personalities by next Tuesday, you’ll know someone out there felt I got a little too close to the truth…