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CPG is scaling up. We’re consistently adding new courses, video content, audio podcasts, blog posts, and other innovations in the poker industry. Naturally we want to force feed all of that into your already overloaded inbox so you don’t miss a thing.

But at least we have the decency to bribe you to allow us this privilege. And so, just for signing up for the Chasing Poker Greatness mailing list, we’re giving you a FREE POKER COURSE!

We’d like to introduce you to the adorable NURRLE poker course: a murderous lab experiment gone horribly right that was developed by Coach Brad Wilson through Mass Data Analysis (MDA) to aid in the ongoing global war against villain river donk bets. Neutralize River Leads with NURRLE, and stay up to speed with all things CPG!

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How Can You Get All 3 Neutralize Leads Series Courses for Free? Glad You Definitely Asked:

Sign Up for an Online Poker Account Using the CPG Sign-up Link & Get the Entire Neutralize Leads Series (NUFFLE, NUTTLE, & NURRLE) For Free!​

In order to qualify, you must have never had an online account on Ignition (USA), Bovada (USA), or Bodog Canada (Canada). You must also be located in the USA or Canada.

If you meet this criteria, use these hyperlinks to sign up at Ignition, Bovada, or Bodog Canada and create your new account.

Then, make a distinctive deposit amount (i.e. $162.53) so that we can identify your deposit and verify you’ve created an account. Send an email to brad@chasingpokergreatness.com with this amount and the poker platform you chose.

After doing this, go ahead and join the Greatness Village poker community on Slack. At that point either Coach Brad Wilson or a CPG staffer will add you to the private NUFFLE Slack channel and fire over your brand spanking new poker courses!

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