My suffering ends today

Yesterday was a super tough day for me.

I stared at the email I eventually sent you about the triplets until it felt like my eyes were starting to bleed.

I dreamed of tying things up for you with a profound statement that made you fully understand the value of Bootcamp and snap sign-up to master your optimal ranges so that you could start spending all of your energy on improving your postflop play.

I’m pretty sure my grand finale turned out to be a dud (Although the triplet story is certainly insane and I’m glad I shared it with you) and my eyes bled for naught.

Sometimes even your coach plays life like a fish, yo.

So today I’m going to keep it short so that I don’t suffer again under the pressure of trying to blow your mind.

Bootcamp starts tomorrow at 3 pm EST and lasts until the Final Exam Wednesday night at 9 pm EST (Directly after Poker Power Hour).

Seeing as I get paid when you sign up, I totally understand why you’re hesitant on pulling the trigger.

You might think I’m like that fucking AC guy I hold in contempt when he comes into my house for $59.99 maintenance, and tells me my rotor-wheely is extra squeal-y and he’s shocked my AC even works.

He then informs me how very fortunate I am that he noticed the squeal-y rotor-wheely because had he not my whole unit would have broken in less than a week. $5K for a new unit or 200 bucks for him to take care of it right now.

I hate that guy and I also hate that he makes me skeptical of the next dude who tells me something similar with the best of intentions…

I go against my wife’s wishes and tell him no thank you, the AC breaks, and then I have to answer to my wife and dive deep into my past psychological trauma to figure out why I have issues with trust.


Anyway, here’s the silly link: … less than 24 hrs away and all that jazz.

Will send one more email tomorrow at 2 pm and then I promise you won’t hear about Bootcamp for a while.

You’re no-longer-suffering Coach