My inside joke I will never address again.

A month or so ago I had an idea that felt like a really great one after I ate an edible and was about to go to bed. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the idea:

Ending every single one of my daily newsletters with an outrageous headline that I NEVER pay off.

Will it lead to more product sales or you improving your poker game?

Very doubtful.

Will it lead to some laughs imagining folks scratching their heads on the daily wondering if they missed a crazy newsletter?


So keep this little secret to yourself and, after today’s email, I’m never going to address my little gag again (Unless, of course, I do).

Also, I’m going to put together a Saturday email called “The Saturday Surge” which will be a one or two sentence explanation of poker stuff I’m loving followed by some links.

Expect that starting tomorrow.

As for today, I’ll keep the rest of the newsletter brief:

If you haven’t joined Greatness Village on Slack, I HIGHLY recommend you take that step. It’s where you get direct access to both me and Coach Thomas as well as high level thinkers and poker obsessed humans who only wish to realize their full poker potential.

Here’s your link to hop into Greatness Village:

Coach Brad

P.S. Tomorrow’s email will be, “Why Dan Bilzerian is the most naturally gifted poker player on the planet”…

Don’t miss it.