My epic MTT meltdown.

“You’re gonna be thinking about that one for a while.” said Kenna James (He of $4 Million in live MTT cashes & fresh off a $700k score on the WPT). 

You got me Kenna. 

Here I am 16 years later and I still remember the big details about a hand I FUBAR’ed and they are just as embarrassing as the day it went down. 


As it relates to my poker career, I had two very good things going for me right from the jump: 

I was both naturally aggressive and naturally suspicious.

Interestingly, my suspicious nature probably stemmed from how many pots I stole back in those days. 

I was basically a 130 lb, 21-year-old auto-bet vs. check cyborg who thought being multiway just gave my bluffs more credibility. 

Which brings us to the 2005 California State Poker Championship at the Commerce Casino. 

There were like 25 runners left out of 160 in a $1k event. I had stolen tons of pots on my way to contention, and genuinely felt like I was in the zone.

And that’s when a player at my table declared everyone ought to do a shot of Jack… Because I was a lightweight who knew with absolute certainty a shot of whiskey would scramble my brains, I stuck to my guns…

For about 1 second until I enthusiastically caved to peer pressure. 

And about 20 minutes later I played maybe the worst hand I’ve ever played in my life. 

For the record, I have no idea how deep I was or how much the blinds were. All I know is I had a healthy stack and wasn’t in desperation mode. 

I opened from the cutoff and a very aggressive Villain who had me covered jammed on the button. Everyone folded and the action was back on me. 

Putting on my finest Phil Hellmuth impression, I started asking him questions and trying to get some kind of read to guide me… 

After my interrogation, he eventually said, “To be honest I have no idea if I want you to call or not.”  

So I put my liquid courage to good use, said the words “I call”, and flipped over… 

Ace seven of diamonds??? 

The Villain tabled AQo and sent my tipsy ass to the rail where I belonged. 

I sat in the bleachers for a few minutes absolutely stunned at my meltdown, the echos of Kenna’s words thundering in my brain.

And then I ordered another shot and headed downstairs to play some $40-$80 limit hold ’em. 


Suffice to say, I don’t feel all that qualified to coach you in how to win MTT’s… But I know someone who is (No, it’s not Kenna James. It’ll forever be too soon).

Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald.

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Talk to you tomorrow, 

Coach Brad 

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