My apologies. I didn’t fully understand what I was asking from you.

You and I are going to have a real heart-to-heart today because I learned something huge over the weekend. 

I learned that asking you to dramatically change the way you play poker is a real heavy ask. 

By asking you to change how you’ve played poker for years over the course of 5 days I’m asking you to risk losing your connection and identity in the poker world. 

Make no bones about it, this is a serious threat and a valid reason to be afraid. Your current sense of self is extremely important and I apologize for not recognizing what I was asking of you sooner. I empathize because I feel that exact friction in many different areas of my own life where I need to grow. 

So I don’t want you to sign-up to Bootcamp (even if I’m convinced it’s the highest impact thing you could do to upgrade your game) if you’re afraid of losing a piece of yourself that you love. That upgrade, no matter how massive, just wouldn’t be worth it. But if you’re open to learning a new strategy that will become the bedrock upon which you build a successful poker career… 

A new strategy you can rely on, that will become your anchor… 

Then you definitely ought to consider Bootcamp because I believe with every fiber of my being it’s ultimately worth hundreds of times your cost to attend. 

My die-hard belief in the impact of Bootcamp is also why I’m going to keep trying my damnedest to get you to sign up before this Saturday’s launch… 

Because I genuinely love you and want only the best for your poker career. 

Here’s the link: 

Until tomorrow, 

Coach Brad