Miracle drug makes Antonio Esfandiari smartest man in poker with One Drop

Today I wanna talk to you about opportunity.

In 2012 forty-eight souls ponied up $1 million apiece for a chance to win the MOAHR (mother-of-all-high-rollers).

In my 16 years of playing poker professionally, I’ve never experienced anything like the reactions to the One Drop. It went down during my “living in Commerce” phase and I specifically remember the moment they turned it on the big screen.

There was an electricity in the air during every single hand that you could feel. Nobody in the High Roller section was paying attention to their games and everyone was speculating on what each player ought to do.

If winning a single poker tournament could ever elevate a human to legendary status, this was the one. Not only was first place $18 million but the winner could easily retire on the residual revenue generating by taking down the One Drop.

Now I want you to imagine you’re sitting there at the table with all that money and prestige on the line. How does that make you feel?

In a moment where the pressure was so thick you could slice it with a knife, one man rose up to meet it with a grace and presence that was undeniable.

Antonio Esfandiari’s whole existence on this planet had been building and preparing him for that exact moment in time. That exact moment that allowed him to face a pressure rarely (possibly never) before felt while competing on the green felt.

While I can’t speak for everyone in the Commerce Casino that day, I felt it in my bones that this tournament was Antonio’s to lose.

And lose it, he did not. He won all the gold and all the glory.

So now I wanna ask you the following question:

How much effort are you investing into yourself daily so that you’re fully prepared when your life changing opportunity comes knocking?

Will you be equipped with the skills that give you the best chance to succeed or will you fall apart under the pressure and feel the bitter sting of regret for the rest of your days?

Massive opportunities like this are so rare and precious in the world of poker, and they can literally make or break your entire career. Capitalizing on them can literally change your entire life.

When you look at yourself in the mirror with honest eyes, is there something inside of you that feels like you have more to give?

If so, I’m gonna leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time to plant a tree is today.”

The best time to get started with preparing yourself for poker greatness was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is today.

So if you feel it deep down in your heart that you have more to give and you wanna do everything in your power to be prepared when lady luck knocks down your door, one-to-one coaching with me would be a great first step:


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If you’re at an earlier stage of your poker career where one-to-one coaching doesn’t make sense, I’ll have some pretty exciting news to share with you later on in the week.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad