Mental Game Mondays with Jason Su – Flow

A common misconception:

There are positive and negative emotions.

The truth:

Emotions are neutral––the brain’s best attempt at translating the experiences that our nervous system is going through at any given moment in time.

It’s the label we then put on them that’s positive or negative.

Most people think being happy is positive, and being sad, angry, or fearful is a negative experience.

But only because that’s how you perceive it.

The truth is, all feelings are flow––when you let them happen.

Anger is not negative––resistance to feeling angry causes us great discomfort and inner conflict between what our nervous system is wanting to let through, and how our minds have been trained to respond, by pushing it away or ignoring it altogether.

Same goes for fear and sadness.

On the flip side, we view happiness as “positive”––because we are generally open to letting it in all the way. We let our feelings flow, and we feel good as a result.

So the key to mastering your emotions isn’t getting rid of the “negative”––it’s realizing that there’s no such thing as a good or bad emotion, and including all of them into your regular experiences.

When you feel, you flow.

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Jason Su is the mindset and performance coach at Poker Detox and author of Poker with Presence: Unlocking the Final 15%.

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