Mental Game Mondays with Jason Su

This week’s topic:

The “results oriented” trap.

You might think I’m about to tell you to stop being results oriented.

I’m not.

The trap isn’t that you’re results oriented–it’s that you think telling yourself not to be that way will solve your mental game problems.

It’s great advice, there’s just one huge step missing:

How the hell do we do this?

And that’s the problem–there’s an enormous gap between a mental game coach telling you to “stop being results oriented,” and actually feeling what it’s like inside you to be that way.

The missing ingredient?


Presencing–the act of staying connected to your inner experience as you interact with your environment–is what will actually allow you to become the person who can stop caring so much about short term results.

When you can’t presence, every strategy you come in with goes out the window as soon as things get tense.

But when you connect to your body, your breath, and the emotions inside you, that’s what will let you execute your mental game goals.

So as you go about becoming less results oriented, notice how the more connected you get inside, the easier it is to actually follow through.

In the meantime, if you want some help building out your presencing skills, you can check out my book, Poker with Presence, here:


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