Mediocre Poker Coach Has Confrontation with Deranged Twenty-Something

Dear VIP,

CPG guest and self-professed “Mediocre Poker Coach” Carlos Welch and I recorded a Round 2 episode this past week, and he told an amazing story.

If you listened to the first episode, you’ll know Carlos is known far and wide for traveling around the USA playing cards and living out of his car.

What you may not know is the man doesn’t really like interacting with strangers.

“They’re just weird,” he told me.

So I asked him for a story about a person being weird.

He spoke about a bus ride in Vegas. He had his Blue Shark optic sunglasses and headphones on; gearing up for the grind.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a twenty-something on the bus looking directly at him and giving him a “come hither” gesture.

Carlos took off his headphones, leaned forward, and heard the dude mumbling what he thought was “picture, picture” and gesturing at a McDonalds they were passing.

“You want me to take a picture of you in front of the McDonalds?”, Carlos asked.

Then the dude spoke up a little louder so Carlos could hear more clearly, “Patience. Patience. My patience is wearing thin.”

Uh oh.

Carlos sat back in his seat and put his headphones back on.

Dude just kept saying, “My patience is wearing thin” while balling up his fists and staring daggers.

“Brad, I was sitting there on the bus thinking I had only been in Vegas for one day and I’m about to get locked up for choking out some skinny kid.”

The kid, never taking his eyes off Carlos, proceeded to punch the side of the bus.

The bus driver snapcalled the cops (apparently, the kid’s a bus reg), and told them to meet him at the next stop.

A few minutes later, the kid bolted out of the bus like an olympic sprinter and ran down the sidewalk with the cops chasing after him.

Ok Carlos, you win. There are some weird humans in the wild and Vegas seems to have more than its fair share, for some reason.

I’m gonna wrap-up by doing something I’ve never done before but just feels right.

Carlos didn’t put me up to it, I’m just taking it upon myself to bring attention to one of the true good dudes in the poker world.

The deal is, Carlos is a former math teacher and one of the most affordable MTT coaches on the planet.

I begged him to raise his coaching rates in our Round 2, and I’m pretty sure I got through to him.

If you’re one of his current students please send all hate messages to @HipHopTrivia101 on Twitter.

So if you’re in the market for an insanely affordable and qualified MTT coach for $50 per session, just reply to this email and I’ll connect you to Carlos.

Like I said, he didn’t ask me to do this and I don’t get anything in return, but it’s the least I can do for all the weirdos he’s had to put up with on the road.

And, I know this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway…

If you get coaching from him please don’t be the flavour of weird like you read about in today’s newsletter.

You may get the kind of CPG shout out you don’t want in our Round 3.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad