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Matt Staples



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Episode 13

Welcome back to the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast. This is your host, Brad Wilson, and today I’m sitting down for a conversation with Twitch superstar and mid-stakes tournament grinder Matt Staples.

Spending nearly all of his time playing in online tournaments, Matt is currently a member of Team PartyPoker. By his own estimation, about 99.9% of his tournament poker career has been streamed live online as he’s played. 
Matt generally streams mid-stakes but has been known to test his skills in events with buy-ins as high as $500 and $1000 as well. This past May he took down the biggest cash of his career when he finished third in the PokerStars Sunday Million for $92,812.18. 

Matt is the rare breed of player who started out online with a miniscule bankroll and reached his current lofty status by simply grinding, learning, winning, and growing without adding any outside money. 

After getting his start a few years ago with about $20, his bankroll today is estimated to be around $160,000.
At the fresh young age of 24, Matt is a perfect example of what it means to dive in, work hard, and chase poker greatness. 
He’s living proof that if you want to start making a living through playing this card game even it is still very possible even in today’s day and age.
During the course of our conversation he talks about how he got started with the game, where he began to make the transition to a professional player, and what changed the way he thinks about the game (allowing him to go farther than he ever thought he would). 
You’ll hear what he likes the most about playing cards, what he’d change if he could, and the key advice he’d give to any new player just entering the game.

So, once again, thank you for joining me on Chasing Poker Greatness.

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