Preflop Mistakes become Postflop problems. Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Solves It Before It Starts, For The Rest Of Your Poker Lifetime.

For less than the cost of a single 2/5 buy-in, you can sit down at every live cash poker table for the rest of your poker career with the confidence that you are making profitable preflop decisions.

Implementing the same data-driven development process as the original Preflop Bootcamp, Coach Brad and the CPG team have constructed a comprehensive course that equips you with preflop strategy for both Fish and Regs in the live cash poker streets.

Using a combination of intuitively active range study, strategy video content, and ongoing community support, Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is engineered from the ground up to be accessible, retainable, and profitable!

You’re never going to be a winning poker player if you consistently butcher hands preflop. It just isn’t going to happen. These seemingly minor poker mistakes snowball on future streets and you end up getting buried by the river.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but how much money do you think playing poorly preflop is going to cost you over your poker lifetime? Beyond that, what if it causes you to lose your poker bankroll and forces you to give up this game you love so much?

If you’re currently on the chase to becoming a winning player, or if you want to perfect your preflop play for an even greater upswing to your already profitable poker play — this is the one thing that you must get right!

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp: The Ultimate Live Cash Preflop Poker Course

Live Cash Poker's Comprehensive Preflop Strategy Course Against Fish & Regs in Full Ring Cash Poker
$ 499 one-time fee
  • 3 Main Modules of Preflop study: RFI & Overcall, vs. Fish, & vs. Regs
  • An astounding 88 Preflop Ranges for almost every situation
  • 16 video lessons in a mobile-friendly app for each area of study with Coach Brad
  • 15 mobile-friendly quizzes designed to increase your knowledge retention of each lesson
  • 67 (!) mobile-friendly flash card decks with AI pattern recognition to identify and train your weaknesses
  • Expansive, mobile- and tablet-friendly course PDF for study on-the-go
  • Access to private community channel for group learning and direct access to Coach Brad

Straightforward pricing. No recurring monthly fees. No filler content you don’t care about.

We simply sell solid solutions and you get what you pay for. These courses pay for themselves at the poker tables. Guaranteed or your money back.


For your pursuit of preflop perfection.

It’s CPG’s first live cash course: methodically crafted to solve all of your preflop mistakes.

Here's what the Early Adopters Are Saying About Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp:

"These ranges are more aggressive than other charts I've studied. It means I'm able to ISO more often, pick up limped and 2bet pots more often, and add uncontested small pots to my stack. The flatting ranges put me in more multiway pots with hands that exploit implied odds efficiently. Take down small pots preflop, better efficiency taking down bloated pots post. In short, these ranges work."
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Survivor
“The live ranges are very realistic to the way that live players react. I finally have a clear path in pots that are massively multi-way and can get complex. The concepts regarding retaining stack depth and not bluffing at unbluffable spots made a tons of sense to me and have been performing very well for months now.”
Rene C.
Early Enlistee in Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp
"Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp totally transformed the way I saw and understood the game. I went from having a vaguely defined strategy cobbled together from different blog posts to having a precise, well-defined strategy that helped me elevate my game by what felt like light years. One of the best parts of this course is that I immediately began to show up postflop with hands that made sense, thus making my postflop game much easier to navigate. In my opinion, the charts in this course are themselves worth the price of admission, with the added access to a rigorous study guide and a Bootcamp training program, this course is an absolute no brainer for anyone who is serious about long term success in online poker."
Jeremy H.
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Graduate

Here’s Everything You Get With The Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Poker Course:

3 Main Modules of Preflop study

We have expansive modules focusing on the three tentpoles of preflop strategy: RFI & Overcall, vs. Fish / Instinctual player profiles, & vs. Reg player profiles.

88 Preflop Ranges for almost all situations

You name the spot, we've got a range for it. After extensively beta testing with real-world poker players, we've identified the ranges that matter to your winrate.

16 Video Lessons with Coach Brad Wilson

Coach Brad has crafted 16 video explainers showing the "why" behind everything, so you learn theory and motivations; not just robotically memorize range grids.

15 Quizzes to Challenge Your Preflop IQ

We've hired professional educators to design quizzes that actively stimulate knowledge retention of the preflop lessons you absorb.

67 Flash Card Decks with Smart Learning

We've created 67 (!) flash card decks to gamify your onboarding and retention of every hand combo in every range grid for continued goal-oriented study. The app identifies your weaknesses using AI and adjusts!

Mobile & Tablet Friendly Course PDF

We've designed a sleek PDF so that you can study away from your PC. Easily viewable on mobile and tablet, you can train yourself from anywhere in the world, without being tied to a desk, and without requiring internet.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you feel Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp was just "meh", we insist on a full refund. Our goal is to guide you to dramatically improve your poker game. If we fail you, we don't deserve your money.

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Also Includes Student-Only Access to the Course-Specific Slack Channel for Further Study and Direct Support From Coach Brad Wilson:

Gain Access to the #Live-Cash-Preflop-bootcamp Slack Channel for Ongoing Discussion of Poker Hand Analysis (Yours and Fellow Students) For Evolving Implementation

While all are welcome in the public channels of CPG's Greatness Village online poker community, your enrollment in Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp grants you ongoing access to a dedicated locked channel for all LC PFBC recruits that serves as your on-demand support line and open poker forum for any poker questions or poker strategy discussions for the course. Coach Brad and the associate poker coaches (and fellow students) are always up to talk poker strategy!

It's called "Bootcamp" for a reason. You're going to be put through the Ringer, but you'll be coming out Bulletproof on the other side:

Lesson 1: Welcome to Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is designed to help players deploy a highly potent preflop strategy when playing live poker. The course teaches players how to combat two different player profiles: “Fish / Instinctuals” and “Regs”.

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is designed to be simple, dynamic, and powerful. It was crafted using data from online full-ring cash games, principles derived from analyzing millions of hands, as well as intuition and anecdotal lessons gained by Coach Brad Wilson through a lifetime as a poker player and coach.

Lesson 2: Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Vocabulary

Coach Brad gives a brief vocabulary lesson to ensure everyone’s on the same page before diving into the course.

Lesson 3: Preflop Positional Labeling

In this lesson, Coach Brad proposes a new system for labeling positions in live cash poker. The current system, which uses terms such as “Under The Gun” and “Cutoff,” is deemed inefficient and prone to miscommunication.
Coach Brad proposes a new numbering system where the Big Blind is 1, the Small Blind is 2, and the button is 3; with each subsequent position being labeled with the next number in sequence.
The system is designed to be more practical and efficient, allowing for clear communication when relaying hand histories. Coach Brad emphasizes the importance of internalizing this system and notes that it should be used for the rest of one’s poker career.

Lesson 4: RFI (Raise First In)

In this lesson, Coach Brad goes over your RFI (Raise First In) ranges, which are critical elements of your preflop strategy in live cash poker.

Lesson 5: Multiway Overcall vs. 2B

The lesson discusses the Multiway Overcall vs. 2-Bet preflop situation in live cash poker.
Playing more hands is beneficial to a player’s hourly rate and can be more enjoyable, but it’s important to know how to predict how many opponents you will face when overcalling.
The multi-way prediction formula is a way to do this, taking into account positional danger, the frequency of certain actions, and the number of players left to act. The values used in the formula come from data analysis, and the formula can be used to determine the average number of players postflop. The lesson includes examples of the formula in play. Following the strategy accurately is crucial to being profitable in this spot.

Lesson 6: Intro To Module 2

This lesson discusses the importance of identifying and exploiting Instinctual players in live cash poker games, who tend to play based on their emotions and lack of experience. These players have several characteristics such as open limping, routinely cold calling 2-Bets, using poor 3-Bet sizings, and rarely folding to 3-Bets.
Coach Brad provides tips for identifying Instinctual players and advises deploying different strategies for Fish / Instinctual and Regular (Reg) players. He also discusses ISO and Overlimp ranges in the context of Instinctual players.

Lesson 7: ISO & Overlimp vs. Limps

Isolation ranges refer to the hands that you choose to raise with after another player has limped in (called the Big Blind) before your action. When considering whether to isolate a limper, you should think about the likelihood of the limper calling your bet, the likelihood of getting 3-Bet by another player yet to act, and the number of players you anticipate will see the flop after you isolate.
The player profile you’re most likely to isolate is someone who has a loose-passive limping strategy and limps frequently. When facing a player with a high limp-calling frequency, such as 80%, it’s important to have a stronger hand to isolate them with, as you may face a 3-Bet from a player yet to act.
Additionally, if you are isolating from an earlier position, you may need to have a stronger hand to defend against the likelihood of a 3-Bet. It’s also important to consider that other players at the table may be less likely to isolate with lower equity hands because they expect the limper to call their bet. In these cases, overlimping with hands that play well multiway is a profitable strategy.

Lesson 8: 3B vs. Fish 2B

This lesson is about learning 3-Betting strategies against Instinctual player profiles. The lesson provides data on the Fish profile’s preflop behavior, such as the frequency of their raises, folds, and calls.
The Fish 2-Bet ranges are relatively tight, and they rarely fold to 3-Bets. This lesson presents ranges for 3-Betting versus Fish for each position.
This lesson also stresses to be weary of facing a 4-Bet from a Fish.

Lesson 9: 4B vs. Fish 3B and Defense vs. Fish 4B & 5B

In this module of Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp, the video covers the defense strategy and format in 4-Bet and 5-Bet pots against the Fish / Instinctual player profile.
It is emphasized that only four grids cover all of the 4-Bet and 5-Bet spots versus Fish. It is recommended that you get these grids right, as it is essential to your win rate in live poker.

Lesson 10: Defense vs. Fish 3B

This lesson covers the 3-Bet defense strategy against Fish / Instinctual player profiles. This catch-all strategy applies to any scenario where a player faces a 3-Bet from a Fish, including PFR squeezes, PFC ISO plus 3-Bets, or any other situation where a player places a 2-Bet and the Fish profile 3-Bets.
The fish profile’s 3-Bet range is static, and therefore your defense strategy will remain the same, regardless of the situation.

Lesson 11: Defense vs. Reg Squeeze as PFC

In this lesson, Coach Brad discusses defense strategies against a Reg Squeeze as the PFC in live cash games. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the Multiway Prediction Formula for facing Squeezes and provides call ranges for projected three-way, four-way, and five-way spots. He also mentions that the response against a Fish Squeeze as the PFC is the same as facing a fish 3-Bet.

Lesson 12: Defense vs. Reg Squeeze as PFR

This lesson discusses the defense strategy against Reg Squeeze in Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp, and presents different ranges based on your position. The video emphasizes that you need to beware of the Reg 5-Bet range.

Lesson 13: BB Defense vs. Reg 2B

This lesson focuses on Big Blind defense versus Reg 2-Bets and you’re in the Big Blind when everyone folds. However, this scenario is a low-frequency situation, and therefore, you should prioritize other high-leverage situations like facing a 3-Bet versus a fish.

Lesson 14: 3B vs. Reg 2B

A common spot, Coach Brad illuminates your strategy for 3-Betting vs. a Reg 2-Bet.

Lesson 15: Defense vs. Reg 4B

This video lesson focuses on a defense strategy against a Reg 4-Bet. Regs tend to do a poor job of managing their 4-Bet frequency, and understanding this spot can save players a lot of money and generate a significant edge.
To develop an effective defense strategy, players need to prioritize studying this situation and mastering the spot, which will pay for this course many times over.

Lesson 16: Defense vs. Reg 3B & Defense vs. Reg 5B

The video discusses the optimal defense strategy against a Reg’s preflop 3-Bet.
The Reg’s tendencies are discussed, which include over 3-Betting, under-folding, and over-calling versus 4-Bets. The hero’s strategy for each position is also presented.

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information About the Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Poker Course:

From Coach Brad Wilson: My #1 goal will always be to guide you in making significant upgrades to your poker game. If you’re unsatisfied or feel like I fall short in any single way, I insist that you ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

You can absolutely go through Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp on your own in our new Bootcamp app, and it is now optimized for independent study. If you’re a self-starter who works better as a lone wolf and doesn’t need accountability partners, you’ll have access to all of the materials necessary to complete the course.

Preflop Bootcamp is now fully streamlined for independent completion at any time.

You will communicate in our private thread in the Chasing Poker Greatness Slack community (known as Greatness Village). If you’re not already in there, as soon as you register you will get your invite link via email.

The course is designed so that you can dedicate as much or as little time that you have to the course, and you ultimately complete it at your own pace. If you dedicate 1 hour per day, you can probably get through the whole course in a few weeks. If you drill down hard on everything, you can likely be done in 7-10 days.

There is no minimum poker stake. The sooner you start committing these preflop ranges to memory and executing them, the better.

It is indeed a separate course, and you can view information on the online 6-max version of Preflop Bootcamp 2.0 right here at this link.

We’re unsure as we haven’t actively looked through the PokerCoaching grids. We recommending asking this question in the #university channel of the Greatness Village Slack community — someone is bound to be able to answer with an unbiased assessment of the similarities and/or differences.

If you have any more questions, you can shoot me an email at:

Life After Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp:

Quit leaking money before the Flop even comes out!

Sign up for Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp now and set yourself up for a lifetime of Preflop success!

A Sneak Peak Inside the Live Cash preflop Bootcamp poker Course:


CPG's Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Poker Course Has Arrived

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is your fastest route to bulletproof poker confidence before the flop, without needing a photographic memory. Don't settle for "good enough" preflop decisions when you have an opportunity to make a massive skillset upgrade that lasts the lifetime of your poker career. Word of warning: it's called "bootcamp" for a reason. It's hard, but immensely rewarding.


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