How To Solve Your Preflop Problems For Life... Without Breaking Your Bankroll.

HINT: It's a 100% data-driven approach PROVEN to be profitable through analyzing MILLIONS of poker hands.

Hello, friends. Coach Brad Wilson here. Nice to meet you. Now let's make some money.

But first, let me put something into perspective. See, when the cards are dealt, there’s thousands of possible permutations to any poker hand.

Especially preflop poker… it’s just like the feeling of stripping the cellophane away from a brand new 10,000 piece puzzle and dumping it out on the dining room table as you catch a whiff of that crisp cut cardboard. It seems chaotic at first, but each piece coming together is a data point that helps you see a bit more of the roadmap. Each successfully placed piece gives you a better view of the bigger picture.

Sort of like back in grade school when you were just starting to learn things about the world. Pick a subject; any subject. Things were new and interesting, your mind was open, and you were surrounded by other students thirsty for knowledge (most of them, at least…).

Every question in the curriculum was a riddle waiting for you to solve. You knew the answer was out there, but there was so much knowledge to absorb at once… literally millions of questions and millions of possible answers — it sometimes seemed overwhelming.

And then what did your teacher do? If you had teachers like me, then they stood there at the head of the class looking all smug with their ANSWER BOOK and telling us if we were right or wrong when we would shout out our best guesses to the square route of 64 (spoiler: it was 8).

Millions of questions and millions of answers… this is sounding familiar.

*Enter the Morpheus meme from stage right*

What if I told you that preflop poker has an answer book?

What if there was a way to see millions of data points all at once, and identify patterns based on this 30,000 foot view of preflop poker?

What if there was a way to effectively Analyze this Massive amount of Data, and then rearrange those capital letters into a clever acronym that clearly conveys what it is?

Yes, we’re talking about MDA. It stands for Mass Data Analysis, and it’s CPG’s laser-precise methodology used to identify those patterns in a world of seemingly chaotic preflop puzzle pieces. You thought human beings were “random” at the poker table? You thought Fish and Regs just make chaotic decisions in preflop spots, and all you can do is “go with your gut” when choosing your own preflop path?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Fish are almost entirely predictable preflop.

OK, actually two secrets…

Regs are almost entirely predictable preflop.

How do I know this? Because I have millions of data points that clearly illuminate global trends from both of these player types.

Remember that 10,000 piece puzzle on your dining room table? Your friend Coach Brad decided to dump over ten million puzzle pieces on his dining room table (OK, it was my PC, but you get the idea).

Each piece was a poker hand with preflop data. Based on player profile and what each player did preflop, I parsed this data and began to curate and interpret the results.

For over SIX MONTHS, I slaved away every day in the data mines, with only my cats to encourage me (*tiny violin plays*)… literally piecing it all together as the global trends began to reveal themselves with each data piece that interlocked with another.

When it was all done, what did the puzzle reveal? My friend, when you can see predictable poker trends in mass data sets, what you’re left with is a big ass answer book to the puzzle of preflop poker, and what it showed was mind-melting:

Fish do a lot of the same things over and over again in preflop poker. Regs do a lot of the same things over and over again in preflop poker. Another spoiler: they both make MASSIVE PREFLOP MISTAKES that are ridiculously exploitable.

Do you currently avoid playing big pots against "Regs" because you assume they have a solid, lockdown pre- and postflop strategy? Think again.

With the data only available in this course, you’ll be salivating to get into an advantageous position against every reg that steps up to the preflop plate against you, because you’ll be armed with advanced recon that predicts with tactical precision what they are most likely to do in any configuration, in every preflop situation.

So I’ll ask you a pretty simple question…

If you knew what someone was likely to do in a certain situation, repeatedly… would that help you decide what you should do in response, to put yourself in the best position to steer the outcome in your favor? Do you think knowing the best answers to problems before the teacher asks you is beneficial??

Well, I hope you brought an apple to class, because you’re gonna’ want to give it to your smug teacher Coach Brad now that I’ve decided to share with you the ANSWER BOOK that will help you completely solve your preflop problems for the rest of your life.

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is the culmination of millions of data points, distilled down to actionable intelligence against both the Fish and Reg player profiles.

But knowing the data in advance is just the start. I haven’t even told you the best part…

From this data, I’ve reverse engineered the best counter-strategies against these predictable actions you’ll be faced with. When a Fish 3-Bets you and you hold AQo, what should you do to make the most money? The answer to this question and thousands more await your prying eyes in the answer book I’ve created.

When you have the solutions, from there it’s just execution and how much money you can print. Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp has the solutions.

Millions of poker hands don’t lie. Humans are creatures of habit. Habits create patterns. Patterns create opportunities. You can either seize on these, or you miss out and leave them literally sitting on the poker table in somebody else’s stack…

For less than the cost of a single buy-in at 2/5, you can approach the game with the full CONFIDENCE of knowing you will be the only player at the table deploying the best preflop strategy for maximum gain, backed by proven profitable data, hands down.​

Don’t play another hand just “gutting it out” preflop and hoping for the best. BUST OPEN THE ANSWER BOOK and unleash this bulletproof preflop strategy against almost any type of villain you’ll face at the table. Leave them wondering how you knew what they were likely to do, and make them second guess themselves every time because they just can’t figure out why you always seem to have a preflop edge against them.

Before you know it, possibly even in a single session or a single hand, this course will have paid for itself… “in spades” (sorry, couldn’t help myself)!

At Chasing Poker Greatness, we specialize in solutions. Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is the solution to all of your preflop problems!

See you on the inside!

– Coach Brad Wilson

This is Brad. Yes, he spent six months straight locking his eyes on a computer screen in a dark room to create this course just for you, friends.

I’d like you to meet Brad Wilson. Brad started out like so many of us did, playing poker seriously after the “Moneymaker Boom” in the early 2000’s. He quickly dedicated himself to the game and has since built a 20 year career as a professional poker player.

Things progressed quickly for “Coach” Brad Wilson. As the name suggests, he began to privately coach students into successful poker players, and his affinity for teaching translated well to his becoming a associate coach, a contributor to CardRunners, and a content creator for RunItOnce.

Recently Brad’s launched the Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast, as well as currently spearheading a successful CFP (Coaching For Profits). And of course, he’s always in the lab developing and now publishing groundbreaking poker courses through MDA (Mass Data Analysis), aimed at both beginner and advanced poker players just like you, helping hundreds of aspiring poker crushers to become principled, powerful, and profitable!

Do you find yourself often "flying blind" preflop?

Do you find yourself making preflop decisions based on what someone told you was “optimal”, but without truly understanding the “why” behind it?

Do you find yourself relying on imprecise things like instinct, gut feelings, perceived tells, and body language at the poker table?

Do you feel like you have the potential to be much better at poker, but with so much information out there, you just don’t know the right path to take?

If you know in your heart you're ready to take your live cash poker game to the next level, this is the course to help you get there.

DISCLAIMER: All you need is an open mind and a love for the game of poker. When you learn to see the preflop landscape perfectly, your poker anxiety turns into a crusher's confidence.

We’ve all been there. You called a 3-bet out of position because you thought you had enough implied odds or whatever to justify a maybe a light preflop call.

The flop comes out. The good news? You caught a piece. The bad news? You have absolutely no idea where you’re at.

Were you likely ahead of the villain’s range preflop? Or were you behind? Are you ahead now on the flop? Or are you likely to be dominated? How are you going to play the hand optimally and expect to get value (or minimize losses) from these spots if you have no definitive answers to any of the above?

Fast forward 2 minutes and before you know it, you’re playing a really bloated pot out of position against a “crazy” Fish player profile and you might be left thinking one thing when they jam on the river…

"Should I have even called preflop?"

No matter what happens in the hand, are you just going to drive home at the end of the session and be results-oriented? Or, are you going to actually answer that question and know for sure whether you made the right preflop decision. Because…

You will be in that position again, my friend.

The same preflop configurations come up time and again in poker. The same actions transpire against the same player profiles. So what do you want to do? Go through life hoping you’re “lucky”? Rely on random live reads on absolute strangers to decide if they are “weak” or “strong”? Do you want to continue to be results-oriented and just base your decisions on what happened “last time”?

Or do you want a bulletproof, ironclad, rock solid, proven profitable (insert other awesome adjectives here if you wish) battle plan for what is scientifically proven to print more money in every preflop situation?

So now you're at a poker crossroads...

Option 1:

You do nothing. You stay on the same road you’re on now. You’re either winning small amounts, breaking even, or playing losing poker.

You have fun with the game, but you aren’t the guy at the table everyone fears.

You have an okay strategy, but oftentimes you’re unsure of what decision makes the most money, or if a decision is profitable at all.

You continue to play on into that silent night, unaware of the many preflop leaks you have in your game right now at this moment, and how much money these mistakes are costing you per hour, per week, per month, and per year.

Every time you have to stop and think at the poker table, that means you don’t know the answer. Not knowing the answer in NL Holdem means you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Option 2 (Pick this one, my friend…):

You spend less than a single 2/5 buy-in, and you invest in yourself and your poker future. You become the guy in the room that makes other players wince when you sit at their table. You have full confidence that your play strategy undeniably makes money. Other players fear you, and basically hand their chips over to you over time, and they just can’t figure out how you always seem to have an edge over their preflop actions and consistently enter into pots with higher equity than they have.

You gain the prowess and resolve to make tough decisions easily. You will know the math. You will know the odds. You will understand how playing certain hands in certain situations over a period of time will make you thousands and thousands of dollars playing the game you love.

So make the right choice. Become the player other players hate to see.


Here's a glimpse into the gateway that awaits you within the Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp poker course:

1. Understanding Preflop Hand Ranges

Gain a comprehensive understanding of preflop hand ranges, enabling you to make informed decisions and exploit your opponents' tendencies and preflop weaknesses.

2. Mastering Positional Play

Unlock the secrets of playing different hands from various positions, giving you a strategic preflop advantage over your adversaries whether they are a Fish or a Reg.

3. The Art Of The Raise

Learn the subtle nuances of preflop 2-betting, 3-betting, & 4-betting. Discover how to leverage these preflop maneuvers to control different player profiles (Regs & Fish) and flip the preflop configuration in your favor.

4. Overcall & Multiway Preflop Battle Plans

Learn how to calculate your preflop odds using a range of hands, depending on which villain has done what in the preflop pot.

5. Interactive Preflop Quizzes

Ensure you're picking up the main points of every preflop lesson with our online learning platform and preflop quizzes after each of the 15 preflop study units.

6. Community Support Off The Felt

Students of Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp get access to Coach Brad's private course channel, where you can connect with him and the other CPG coaches, as well as other like-minded students of preflop poker. Seek advice and elevate your preflop poker strategy to new and more profitable heights!

And that's just the tip of the preflop iceberg! Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp includes a treasure trove of bonus materials, such as cheat sheets, preflop hand charts, preflop positional charts, and access to live coaching from Coach Brad himself!

The Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Poker Course Includes...

3 Main Modules of Preflop study

We have expansive modules focusing on the three tentpoles of preflop strategy: RFI & Overcall, vs. Fish / Instinctual player profiles, & vs. Reg player profiles.

88 Preflop Ranges for almost all situations

You name the spot, we've got a range for it. After extensively beta testing with real-world poker players, we've identified the ranges that matter to your winrate.

16 Video Lessons with Coach Brad Wilson

Coach Brad has crafted 16 video explainers showing the "why" behind everything, so you learn theory and motivations; not just robotically memorize range grids.

67 Flash Card Decks with Smart Learning

We've created 67 (!) flash card decks to gamify your onboarding and retention of every hand combo in every range grid for continued goal-oriented study. The app identifies your weaknesses using AI and adjusts!

Mobile & Tablet Friendly Preflop Course PDF

We've designed a sleek PDF so that you can study away from your PC. Easily viewable on mobile and tablet, you can train yourself from anywhere in the world, without being tied to a desk, and without requiring internet.

15 Quizzes to Challenge Your Preflop IQ

We've hired professional educators to design quizzes that actively stimulate knowledge retention of the preflop lessons you absorb. Retake them at your leisure until you achieve a perfect preflop score.

But don't take our word for it. here's what previous Preflop students have to say:

"These preflop ranges are more aggressive than other charts I've studied. It means I'm able to ISO more often, pick up limped and 2-Bet pots more often, and add uncontested small pots to my stack. The flatting ranges put me in more multiway pots with hands that exploit implied odds efficiently. I take down small pots preflop, and have better efficiency taking down bloated pots post. In short, these ranges work."
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Survivor
“The live preflop ranges are very realistic to the way that live players react. I finally have a clear path in pots that are massively multiway and can get complex. The concepts regarding retaining stack depth and not bluffing at un-bluffable spots made a tons of sense to me and have been performing very well for months now.”
Rene C.
Early Enlistee in Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp
"Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp totally transformed the way I saw and understood the game. I went from having a vaguely defined preflop strategy cobbled together from different blog posts to having a precise, well-defined strategy that helped me elevate my game by what felt like light years. One of the best parts of this course is that I immediately began to show up postflop with hands that made sense, thus making my postflop game much easier to navigate. In my opinion, the preflop charts in this course are themselves worth the price of admission, with the added access to a rigorous study guide and a Bootcamp training program, this course is an absolute no brainer for anyone who is serious about long term success in online poker."
Jeremy H.
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Graduate

Want to know the best part?

Our course has an ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you take the course, and you don’t find any value in it, contact us for a 100% refund. So you truly have no risk!

A question for you: How many times in your life have you gotten it in bad preflop? Is it at least once? If there was a tool you could use to reduce this risk in the future, would you use it?

Instead of torching another buy-in, and another one, and more into the future for as long as you delay plugging these preflop leaks… we instead invite you to spend one of those punted buy-ins a little more wisely.

Instead of shipping it over to the villain’s stack, invest it in yourself and arm your game with the best preflop strategy five black chips can buy! It’s not going to break your bankroll, but going through the rest of your poker career with faulty preflop preparation certainly will!


For less than the cost of a single buy-in at 2/5, you can solve your preflop problems for life!

Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp: The Ultimate Live Cash Preflop Poker Course

Live Cash Poker's Comprehensive Preflop Strategy Course Against Fish & Regs in Full Ring Cash Poker
$ 499 one-time fee
  • 3 Main Modules of Preflop study: RFI & Overcall, vs. Fish, & vs. Regs
  • An astounding 88 Preflop Ranges for almost every situation
  • 16 video lessons in a mobile-friendly app for each area of study with Coach Brad
  • 15 mobile-friendly quizzes designed to increase your knowledge retention of each lesson
  • 67 (!) mobile-friendly flash card decks with AI pattern recognition to identify and train your weaknesses
  • Expansive, mobile- and tablet-friendly course PDF for study on-the-go
  • Access to private community channel for group learning and direct access to Coach Brad

More Battle Reports Coming in from Our Preflop Soldiers Stacking Villains With No Fear on the Front Lines:

"I have been a member of Greatness Village for a few years now, and have purchased all of the CPG courses. All of them have worked incredibly well. Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp initially came out and I was delayed on purchasing it. This was a very big mistake! From someone who plays a lot of live poker, this is, in my opinion, the jewel of all the CPG programs. It is tethered to exactly combat live cash poker. The ISO, Overlimp Call, and Multiway Overcall ranges are something I rarely implemented correctly into my game until studying Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp. Another section of this program that has brought so much clarity to me was the Big Blind Defense ranges. Studying this spot has made navigating Big Blind play so much easier and helped me remove major negative EV plays from my game. There has even been major upgrades to my 3-Bet ranges as the caller and aggressor vs. Fish and Regs. Like all of CPG courses, this one is data-driven, and when implemented correctly, they have been proven in my game to be crushing the competition."
Keith K.
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Expert
"I have been playing poker for about nine months. Initially, I got in with any two cards because I don't want to sit idly at the table. I played many big pots (called 3-Bets & 4-Bets with QTo and KQo, as an example) and got stacked many times. Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp has provided the baseline for me, and my game has improved a lot. Coach Brad has done a wonderful job explaining all the details with data and the most important preflop charts. I would highly recommend it to all types of players."
Prabal R.
Early Enlistee in Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp
"The Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp course is a powerful program that provides a simple base strategy and builds upon it gradually. It approaches the game with an appropriate amount of aggression while considering the multiway aspects of live poker, and makes nuanced changes against Fish and Regs. The course offers great learning tools, an engaged community, and top-notch customer service. It's cost-effective and had paid for itself before I’d even completed it! Overall, it's a comprehensive and effective solution for improving preflop strategy in live cash games."
Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information About the Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp Poker Course:

From Coach Brad Wilson: My #1 goal will always be to guide you in making significant upgrades to your poker game. If you’re unsatisfied or feel like I fall short in any single way, I insist that you ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

You can absolutely go through Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp on your own in our new Bootcamp online learning platform, and it is now optimized for independent study. If you’re a self-starter who works better as a lone wolf and doesn’t need accountability partners, you’ll have access to all of the materials necessary to complete the course.

Preflop Bootcamp is now fully streamlined for independent completion at any time.

You will communicate in our private thread in the Chasing Poker Greatness Slack community (known as Greatness Village). If you’re not already in there, as soon as you register you will get your invite link via email.

The course is designed so that you can dedicate as much or as little time that you have to the course, and you ultimately complete it at your own pace. If you dedicate 1 hour per day, you can probably get through the whole course in a few weeks. If you drill down hard on everything, you can likely be done in 7-10 days.

There is no minimum poker stake. The sooner you start committing these preflop ranges to memory and executing them, the better your winrate will be. The live poker streets wait for no one.

It is indeed a separate course, and you can view information on the online 6-max version of Preflop Bootcamp 2.0 right here at this link. The course on this page is for preflop strategy for 9-max live cash poker.

We’re unsure as we haven’t actively looked through the PokerCoaching grids. We recommending asking this question in the #university channel of the Greatness Village Slack community — someone is bound to be able to answer with an unbiased assessment of the similarities and/or differences.

The good news is, Live Cash Preflop Bootcamp is so much more than just ranges. As you can see from the course deliverables above, CPG courses are a communal experience, in which you gain direct access to Coach Brad through Poker Power Hour every month, you join a village of supportive players, there are video tutorials to help you implement the strategies and understand the “why” behind your preflop decisions, in addition to a flash card study app and so much more!

If you have any more questions, you can shoot me an email at:

How can we help you on your chase for poker greatness? Contact us below.

Questions about the courses? Wondering where to start? Looking for advice? Hit us up with anything you want to discuss and we're here to help. Either Brad or one of his staff will get back to you shortly to set you up with anything you need out of CPG. Don't hesitate to ask!