Leonardo Da Vinco Chronically Self Sabotaged

It’s easy to look back at the lives of historical, high achievers and feel disgusted with what you’ve done with your life.

Alexander the Great conquered the known world by the time he was 30. I’m 6 years older than that and haven’t figured out how to conquer my cats.

Then there’s Leonardo Da Vinci…

  • He invented the bicycle, helicopter, tanks, the use of solar power, a calculator, and the parachute.
  • He painted masterpieces the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
  • He personally helped science take a quantum leap forward in anatomy, astronomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics.

When you GONNA’ SLEEP LEO!?!

But did you also know he considered his life a failure?

Dude wrote over 20,000 pages in his journal with all of his sketches of inventions and scientific discoveries tucked away safely inside…

The number of pages he got published in his lifetime? ZERO. BUPKIS.

In 1503, one of his wealthy clients hired him for a painting. Leo worked on it for 16 years, never finished, never got paid, and then just went and died.

The painting he could never complete was The Mona Lisa.

Imagine what Da Vinci could have accomplished if he’d had Nick Howard to help him navigate
his self-sabotage.

Anyone who seeks greatness will inevitably find themselves in a death-match with their own mind.

One part of you will daydream of success and high achievement. It’s the part who listens to all the podcasts, buys all the poker training, reads all the poker books, and trusts that the process will eventually pay off.

Then there’s this other part who’s a son of a bitch and wants to keep you small.

It uses every dirty trick in the book to make you doubt the process. It will keep you from doing the things every tells you are necessary for your evolution.

It whispers:

“You’re not good enough yet. When you play 100k more hands you’ll be ready.”

“You’re too smart to get help. You can do this all on your own.”

“If you let anyone see how you play they’re going to judge you. You’re smarter than them anyway, who needs their feedback?”

I can close my eyes and almost see Da Vinci lying in bed at night, hearing the sinister voice telling him, “You’re not good enough. Everyone will laugh. Just keep working, eventually it will be perfect.”

That voice is self-sabotage, and if it managed to keep Da Vinci small, it will keep you small as well.

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Coach Brad