Dan "Jungleman" Cates:
Poker's version
of Alexander the Great

Dan "Jungleman " Cates
Poker's Version of Alexander the Great
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Episode 11
Welcome back my friend to Chasing Poker Greatness, the podcast that brings you wisdom, insights, and inspiration from the greatest minds in the game of poker, all in their own words.

I’m your host and founder of Enhance Your Edge Brad Wilson, and in today’s episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down for a talk with an all-time poker legend and future hall of famer, Dan “Jungelman” Cates.

As poker’s version of Alexander the Great, Jungleman has conquered pretty much all there is to conquer in the poker world at the ripe old age of 29.

At 21 years old he accepted the “Durrr” challenge and blistered Mr. Dwan so badly that the challenge still hasn’t been completed 9 years later.

He’s racked up $7 million+ in poker tournament winnings despite spending the majority of his time battling in high stakes cash games where he most likely employees a dragon or 2 to guard the entrance to the vault of riches he’s won in said games.

He’s been documented in playing as big as $6k/$12k in Bobby’s room but I think I can safely say that where there exists the biggest cash game in the world … there’s almost always a Jungleman lurking. 

He is, without a doubt, one of the most feared poker and respected players in the game today. 

During our conversation you’ll learn:

- The concept of “reverse game selection” and how Jungleman used the tactic as rocket fuel to surge through the online ranks.

- The importance of overcoming your emotions that cloud your logic and

- Why working by yourself is inferior to using the knowledge of other people

And much much more!
So sit back, listen, and learn how an introverted 17-year-old kid with a video game obsession became one of poker’s living legends before hitting the big 3-0. 

Without any further ado ... Click any of the icons below, sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Dan "Jungleman" Cates on Chasing Poker Greatness.  
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