Jonathan Little is so bad I decided to join his training platform

Today I wanna talk to you about new beginnings.

A few weeks back I sent you an email detailing my vision for Chasing Poker Greatness and it’s turned into one of my most popular and received email newsletters of all time.

To tell you the truth, I was afraid to send it out because it felt like it was centered too much around me. Shows you what I know.

What you may not be aware of is the reason I decided to write that email in the first place.

Earlier that day I had perpetual bad boy of poker and troublemaker Jonathan Little on the pod to discuss the ACR and #PokerGOAT controversies. After a great conversation and the recording shut off, the bad man himself floated the idea of me coming aboard the team as their cash game coach.

I couldn’t give him a quick answer because, to be honest with you, I didn’t know if joining his squad fit into my vision for CPG. Rest assured, there’s zero chance I’m joining any poker training platform that doesn’t allow me to send you emails, create the podcast, or focus on doing my own thing.

So, in order to see if it would be a good fit for my vision, I wrote out what what I was striving towards and sent it to your inbox.

As it turns out, realizing my vision while creating content for PokerCoaching were not mutually exclusive. Being a coach on Jonathan Little’s training platform is a pretty chill gig and he gives his guys the latitude to contribute to his training platform while still going full force with pursuing their own dreams.

So today I wanted to let you know that in the very near future you’re going to see me being advertised as a pro. I’ll be creating exclusive quizzes and doing one live webinar every single month starting this very month (October).

If you’d like full access to my monthly live webinars on PokerCoaching while also gaining access to all the things Jonathan and his team have put together over the years (There are a LOT of things…)

Here’s your link to join PokerCoaching premium (The $99/month tier):

I’ll be being promoted as a Premium Coach so if you wanna hop into the live webinars bear that in mind when choosing your tier.

Talk soon,

Coach Brad

P.S. I don’t normally do this but, if you don’t subscribe to the CPG pod on your favorite podcast platform, I wanted to personally let you know that my conversation with the one and only Phil Galfond is now live.

You can check out the brand new episode at