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Episode 3

Today I’m talking with a good friend of mine Jesse Yaginuma. Jesse’s been playing poker professionally since 2006. He started his career in Maryland on the East Coast but has called sunny California home for the last 8 years.

Jesse’s a world class player in both cash games (His specialty … Where him and I first crossed paths and he promptly crushed me in a $10k pot) and tournaments (with $1.9 million in lifetime winnings while playing a limited schedule).
As with any poker player things haven’t always gone Jesse’s way and he’ll explain how he deals with the blissful upswings and the horrible, existential crisis causing downswings that come with a career playing cards.
Jesse has a natural interest in psychology and is extremely driven to learn all he can about the “why” human beings do the things they do.

He shares his wisdom on what you can do to keep your mind right, what he does to optimize his own mental health, and the sheer physical energy that your brain consumes when you take on a task as mentally draining as poker.

Jesse has a reputation for being the calmest person at the table no matter where he plays; a testament to his envious ability to always keep his head in the game and his emotions in check.
As we talk today, you’ll learn how he started his poker career, the super valuable tools and lessons he’s used for growth, and how he rejuvenated his game after realizing he had grown a little stagnant over the years.
He’ll talk about the importance of having a good network of people around you, how he feels about some of the most common modern poker advice, and what advice he’d give himself if he could go back in time.
He also keeps mostly to himself on social media.

While you might see tons of pros all over poker forums, Twitter, and Instagram, Jesse stays fairly quiet and goes about his business mostly under the radar (Except when he’s at a WPT final table, of course)… which, given his personality and outlook on life, makes 100% sense to me.
So saddle-in and gear up for this rare opportunity to consume some value hand grenades from a world-class poker combatant … 

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