Jason Koon keeps stealing my material…

Yesterday Jason Koon tweeted:

“If had to pick a novice poker player to coach I would take someone who’s naturally aggressive over someone naturally passive. My guess is almost every great player at some point in their evolution was way too nuts. In order to know the boundaries you have to test them.”

Sound familiar? Great minds think alike, amiright?

Testing boundaries reminded me of flag football.

I used to play with a good friend of mine Markeith. Dude’s 6 foot 3, played running back in college, was a track star, and had been playing flag for at least 15 years.

He’s the most polite human being you’ll ever meet off the football field. On the field, well… he’s a little different.

I’ve seen him:

  • Hold guys in place by their jerseys so that he could pull their flag.
  • Shove someone about 20 feet after their flag fell off (They’re down by “touch”).
  • Drop toe hold my good friend Russell right in the middle of the field.

I wasn’t there for this one but a good friend of mine said they went to watch him play once and Markeith got into a fight and ripped off someone’s helmet by their facemask.


The weird thing is I can’t remember him ever being penalized! It felt like he had to be casting some kind of spell on the refs…

But Markeith just knew exactly how to win the game within the game because he had aggressively tested his shenanigans for years.

You can apply this same concept to your own shenanigans in poker.

First I’m gonna put my own spin on Jason Koon’s tweet:

In order to test poker’s strategic boundaries you have to first know them.

If you don’t know what the boundaries look like then testing them won’t do you any good. Once you have a strategic framework in place THEN you start testing the boundaries.

The first (And most important) strategic boundary you need to fully understand is preflop.

You and I can both agree that studying preflop is not super fun or sexy…

But improving your winrate, eliminating high frequency mistakes, and streamlining your post-flop play is pretty damn sexy.

Since I know you enjoy listening to the angel-like sound of my voice on CPG, I’ve been working on something I think you’re gonna like.

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Talk to you on Tuesday,

Coach Brad