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Episode 6

Today I have the pleasure of sitting with Jack Laskey. At 25 years old, it’s safe to say he’s one of the most experienced young players currently in the game and speaks with a wisdom well beyond his years.

He’s enjoyed success in the online and live poker world since turning 18 in 2012, although his career and love for the game go back quite a bit before then … like, it started when we was 12 years old … TWELVE!
Jack is currently a mid-stakes cash game specialist who currently spends most of his table time playing in private games in New York City.

You can find him at JustHandsPoker.com where him and his co-host Zach do an amazing job of in-depth hand analysis. 

At the site, you’ll find a weekly podcast, poker strategy blog, and access to coaching services, among other things.
He’s also signed on as a mid-stakes coach at Solve For Why, a training site created by another “Chasing Poker Greatness” podcast guest Matt Berkey that focuses specifically on live poker strategy.
In Jack and I’s conversation you’ll hear us talk about: 

– What poker can teach you about life.
– The benefits of making negative EV moves.
– Why you should learn to make decisions and act quickly at the table. – Why you should be questioning all common poker advice. 
– And much more.
Jack’s an amazingly deep thinker who asks a lot of philosophical questions. It’s clear that in his mind, there’s a thin line of separation between poker and life.
He finds a way to use almost everything from one world to sharpen his senses and improve his actions in the other.

Many of the answers he gives to my questions weave in and out between poker and life, but somehow they all make perfect sense and leave you with a feeling that you’ve just been given a new perspective in which to think about things.

I loved talking to Jack so much that we went WAY over the normal 1 hour in what felt like 10 or 15 minutes and, even after we turned the recording off, still kept going for another 30 minutes.
So settle in and get ready to look at your game, and possibly your life, in a whole new way.
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