Is Fedor Holz’s squad the luckiest group of poker players in the world?

Today I want to talk about the importance of being a part of a team.

One of the most impactful Chasing Poker Greatness episodes of all time was my conversation with Fedor Holz. When he was coming up and trying to make a name for himself in the world of poker he was living in a house with a bunch of guys on the same path.

None of them were world-class…

They were just a group of dudes with a dream: To be the best poker player they could be.

Within one year of living together ten of the guys were in the top 100 ranked tournament players in the world. They had won millions of dollars and their lives would never be the same.

Was Fedor and his crew just lucky that 10 of the most genetically talented dudes happened to be roommates? Do you think there could have been something else going on there?

Perhaps it was because these guys were living in full poker immersion, sharing their experiences, and pushing one another harder than they could have pushed by themselves.

This story’s not an anomaly, either. Just look at the success of the Detox Crew.

Are they just super lucky the folks who integrate into their community consistently produce win-rates of 8 bb/100 across the board? No, the results reflect the amazing process and team Detox has built.

Who would you bet on to make more money over a year:

A human who’s an 8/10 but on their own…

Or a human who’s a 6/10 but hooks up with Poker Detox?

The sharp money has to be on the soul in Detox every day of the week.

The evidence that being a part of a brotherhood improves results and skyrockets growth is overwhelming. Plus it’s just a way more fun way to go through life.

So in 2 weeks I’m going to be starting something up that I believe is going to be really special.

I’m putting together a team.

If you’re interested in joining up so that you have more accountability, play more hands, and live a healthier life here’s the link to the application:

I wonder if there are any humans who were on the fence about moving in with Fedor and the Germans but ultimately decided not to.

How do you think they feel about that choice today?

Talk to you tomorrow,

Coach Brad