I’m tired of Jason Su picking on me

Dear VIP, This week I tweeted one of my go-to quotes and Jason Su, for no reason, decided to come after me. 

My tweet was, “A simple strategy executed well will destroy a complex strategy executed poorly.” 

To which he replied, “Then why are your emails so long?” 

Shots fired. Alright Mr. Su 👋👋, let’s do this thing. 

Through next Tuesday I’m offering you, my loyal email subscriber, a $50 bounty for coming up with the best prank to make Mr. Su’s world a little less comfortable. 

So whenever inspiration strikes you, hit the reply button and send me your most devious plan. 

Whichever one I love the best gets the gold. 

I’ll be spending this weekend reading your diabolical ideas, having fun with my family, and binge watching “The Boys” season 2. 

The aforementioned Jason Su will catch ya on Monday with Mental Game Monday

Have a great weekend. 

Coach Brad 

P.S. This short enough for you, Jason?