If strategy and execution got into a fight, who would win?

A couple days ago James Clear (Who’s a habit guru and has nothing to do with poker) tweeted out this gem:

As King Schultz from Django Unchained might say, “That’s a BINGO!”

When I first started playing cards professionally in 2004 on Suncruz Casinos, I was definitely not smarter than the folks I was playing against. I wasn’t more clever or born with more “natural talent” (Even though I would have sworn to you for years that I was).

I simply had one thing that most people didn’t: A pretty good plan.

I played way fewer hands preflop and, when I did play one, I was in there raising and pushing edges.

As I started winning regularly I’d find myself investigating all the “whys”.

I would regularly think to myself, “What’s happening here? Why does this work so well?”

When you have a plan that’s actually making you money, your brain is naturally going to get curious. That curiosity leads you to investigation. That investigation leads you to building on top of your already solid foundation.

But what happens when your plan keeps costing you money?

You start asking questions like:

“What am I doing wrong? Why is this not working?”

Then what? You abandon whatever strategy you’re trying for a different shiny object and try to find a new magic bullet solution for your poker woes.

Unsurprisingly, you never seem to make much progress.

It’s like you’re at sea being thrown wherever the waves take you with no anchor and no hope.

Which makes it near impossible to ever find lasting success.

But firing back up tomorrow, you have a pre-built optimal anchor staring you right in the face:

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Talk soon,

Coach Brad