I want to be the world’s best poker coach.

“Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.” – Some Silly Jabroni

What a bunch of boo-shit! Can you imagine a life coach who wasn’t living?

Alright maybe Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammed, and all the Hindu gods but that’s beside the point…

Today I wanna tell you why I coach poker (And it’s not because I can’t beat the games because well, the online games are very much still alive and well for now)…

And why I’ll continue striving to be the best coach in the world, even if it means:

  • I make less money per hour than I make by playing (This has been historically true and is very much true today).
  • I get less free time with myself (Also true).
  • I have less life flexibility with my schedule (Also very, very true).

Here’s the deal:

Coaching takes a significant toll on your life-force. It can be really fucking hard. Sometimes taking calls late at night when my students are having an existential crisis…

Or continuing to push past the 2 hr mark in a session to ensure my student understands an important concept leaves my brain feeling like mush.

But that’s a small price I’m willing to pay because:

  • I love the feeling of seeing my students progress and solve problems that have been stumping them for years.
  • I love hearing the excitement in my student’s voices when they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they’ve made a breakthrough.
  • Some of the most important relationships in my life are current and former students who I genuinely love… And I selfishly want as more of those relationships.

You don’t get these experiences as a lone wolf clocking in and out every day trying to outwit the regs and skewer the fish.

Through one focused session I feel my student’s joy as they’re conquering stakes they’ve felt stuck at for years, hear how they’re earning more income for their family, and watch them go out into the poker community and have positive effects on the folks they interact with.

I get to experience a ripple effect that leaves a much larger impact than I could ever make while sitting on my biscuit for hours on end listening to the Kill Bill soundtrack over and over.

Also, if I’m being completely truthful with you, I have some regrets…

I never got to experience that feeling of having an emotionally invested guide helping maximize my poker potential. I was a young arrogant dummy who thought he was way smarter than he actually was.

The concept of 1 + 1 equals 5 wasn’t something I got to experience coming up.

Through coaching I get to have that from the other side of the coin – as your guide.

So if you’ve ever wondered exactly why I choose to be a poker coach, these reasons are all major parts of my “why”.

Seeing the progress, the joy, the feeling of a soul accomplishing great things…

These things mean the world to me.

So if you’re interested in exploring 1-1 coaching with me, you can book a free 30-minute consult at:


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So get on it if one to one coaching is calling out to you.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad