I think my prank went a little too far…

Ricky Gervais’s pranks need a warning label: For professional use only.

Because if you try to steal one they can go horribly, horribly wrong.

Last year my wife and I were watching one of Ricky’s stand-up specials where he talked about how he would sometimes send his mom postcards with no return address that read:

“Is your pedofile postman still reading your mail?”

After I stopped laughing like a maniac, I thought to myself, “Ricky Gervais you are an evil genius” and the seed had been planted.

Brad’s internal dialogue:

Brad: Brad, do you remember when Casey, your very close friend, changed your Facebook status message to “I love bukake” 5 years ago?

Also Brad: I do remember that. I went to the bathroom and left my browser window up. It took hours for me to realize what he had done.

Brad: Your mom even replied and askled what bukake meant.

Also Brad: I’m also pretty sure she also googled it.

It was decided at that very moment Casey was getting a postcard.

For the record, I couldn’t bring myself to write pedofile even on an anonymous message so I went with the lesser “Is your asshole mailman still reading your mail?”

And then I added my stamp, put it in the mailbox, giggled a little to myself, and waited.

Two months later Casey and I were playing Rocket League and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Brad: “Hey man, get anything weird in the mail recently?”

Casey: “OH MY GOD THAT WAS YOU?! I accused everyone EXCEPT you!”

Brad: cackles maniacally

Casey: “Dude, you don’t understand. My mailbox has been knocked over 3 times in the last month and the mail lady leaves my packages at the road now.”

Brad: cackles even more maniacally

That was over a year ago. His mailbox is now cemented into place, his packages routinely get left in the rain, and his once friendly mail lady still has not said one single word to him.

Do I regret the prank? Come on now, I feel like we know each other better than that. Of course I don’t!

While I do feel bad for the mail lady’s suffering, I also feel like she may have overreacted just a smidge. I mean, who could have ever predicted there were mentally unstable folks working for the United States Postal Service?

I also feel an equally horrible prankback coming my way sometime soon. It’s only fair.

There’s a poker lesson for you in this story.

Over the past month I’ve noticed a recurring theme in my coaching sessions:

A student will show me a hand they played where they had a tough decision vs. a fish and try to logically construct a bluffing range.

Said fish then proceeds to blow their minds by showing up with a random piece of cheese like Q8o after check raising flop and shoving turn on Jd Js 3c 5h.

Can I tell you what the fish was thinking? No.

I also can’t tell you what the mail lady was thinking at 2 am when she was hellbent on knocking down my friend’s mailbox with a baseball bat for the third time.

Emotions, biases, and egos often defy logical reasoning and predictability.

What I can tell you is that fish are both predictable in their behavior (How often they bluff, timing, sizings, etc.) while also being completely unpredictable when choosing the hands to go berserk with (Hence the Q8o).

The trick is in in keeping in mind they’re likely to spaz out and trusting yourself enough to execute your strategy.

So just like I don’t know exactly how the mail lady is going to torture my friend in the future…

I can predict with certainty that she will.

If you’d like some help from a man who has spent his entire poker career “thinking like a fish” here’s my coaching link https://chasingpokergreatness.com/coaching

DISCLAIMER: I offer no help in understanding the behavior of United States Postal Service employees.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad