I promise there are no needles in this email

Do you ever just stare at an empty Google Doc desperately hoping to find enough inspiration to write a compelling VIP newsletter?

Ya, me neither.

Ignore the fact I’m about to lean on some past Bootcamp Recruit testimonials for the rest of your newsletter today.

Past Recruits have said stuff like:

“I stopped playing online poker after Black Friday because I couldn’t beat the game … until now.”

“It’s difficult to quantify the value of Preflop Bootcamp because of how large of an effect playing correctly preflop has on postflop. Having clarity on what optimal preflop strategy looks like provides clarity on what an optimal flop strategy looks like and so on. Basically the value is massive.”

“The biggest difference in my sessions post Bootcamp is that my confidence is now through the roof.”

“I realized I had been making a ton of mistakes prior to Bootcamp. It was exciting, I started seeing what other people had been doing to me and what had been missing in my game.”

^^ This guy went from being a lifetime losing rec to having a winning 70k hand sample directly following his Bootcamp experience.

One Recruit, John, gave me an extra $100 at the end of Bootcamp because he thought it was too valuable and I didn’t charge enough money. True story.

This is your last reminder to join the Halloweeniest Bootcamp of them all.

Here’s your link:

Hope to see you on the inside but, if I don’t, have yourself a very safe, happy, and tummy-ache inducing Halloween!

Coach Brad

P.S. Remember when our parents used to get our candy X-Rayed after Halloween because they were afraid folks were putting needles in it? And then we ate a bunch of radiation candy?

Dear Lord, it’s a miracle we made it out of childhood alive.