I predict you’ll open this email.

Today I’m going to dazzle you with a story on the world’s most fascinating topic:

Market research.

Before your eyes glaze over and you see what’s happening over on Tik-Tok, stick with me for a minute because there’s some pretty powerful stuff brewing here for you.

A year or so ago I was working on a course I lovingly called “Home Game Hero”. The ultimate goal was to provide you with a blueprint you could use to become the Apex Predator in your local home game.

The course will exist in the flesh eventually (To this day I even own a URL) but, for now, it’s sitting in the deep recesses of my brain collecting dust bunnies.

Ah, your coach’s self-sabotage at it’s finest. Anyhoo…

In an effort to figure out exactly what was going on in the minds of folks who regularly struggle in home games I called up a good friend of mine who had hit a multi-year home game rough patch.

Within a couple of minutes he dropped this golden nugget right into my lap.

His exact words were –

“Brad, I feel like I have patterns in my game that everyone knows except for me.”

And that, my friend, is called hitting the motherload.

In that moment I realized that, for better or worse, I had been subconsciously pouncing and exploiting that very predictability he described in my opponent’s for well over a decade.

Hell, I even consider it one of my greatest strengths as a poker player.

The value of being able to get into your opponent’s heads so well that you intuitively understand their game better than they even know it themselves cannot be overstated. Fortunes have been won using this skill alone.

And when you’re battling against opponents who make you feel like they have some kind of spider-sense superpower…

This is EXACTLY what’s happening to you. They simply know your game better than you know it yourself.

So how do you plug this leak and, better yet, go about honing and refining this skillset yourself?

In my experience, acknowledging that these patterns even exist is a pretty mandatory step one.

If you’re not willing to acknowledge them, well, you should just stop reading right here and resign yourself to what will ultimately be a pretty gory poker fate.

If you do accept this truth, step 2 is zooming out, observing these patterns, and diving deep into understanding why will inevitably happen again and again.

Once you begin to understand the natural human incentives at play, you start trusting more and more in your ability to spot and counter them in real-time.

Fair Warning: Once you realize how effective attacking these patterns is you may experience some anger or shame at yourself for not realizing it sooner.

That’s ok, with growth comes regret and god only knows I live with my fair share of regret.

Fish in a Barrel launches and you’ll learn:

  • The patterns your weaker opponent’s fall into when facing flop cbets.
  • Why you can trust these patterns to manifest across all stakes, platforms, & formats (Online/Live).
  • And exactly what you ought to be doing to fully take advantage.
  • If you’d like to hop in where the water’s warm, here’s your link:


Have a great Thor’s Day!

Coach Brad