I hope you unsubscribe today

It’s been two weeks since my last newsletter and I’m so fired up I am burning.

Today I’m gonna share with you an experience I had at my first PokerCoaching.com webinar that was titled “The Learning Path”.

Near the end of the presentation I gave out homework on how to go about tracking your progression as a poker player on a weekly basis. One of the bullet points was this:

“Share your video with friends or loved ones so that you have more accountability to follow through on your goals.”

Which may be a hard step you to take. It puts you at risk in the eyes of the folks you care about most in the world. But sometimes doing the things you most fear are the exact things that are necessary.

As soon as I touched on this bullet-point, I received a private comment from (Name changed to protect the viewer) John Doe:

“Poker’s supposed to be a fun hobby for me and this would make it not fun. I will not do this, all I want is to play cards, end my session, and then go about the rest of my day.”

And then he snap left the webinar and disappeared into the myst.

To Mr. Doe’s comment, my response to you is this: Good.

If you’re playing this game as a low stress hobby and you’re dabbling around on training sites as a form of enjoyment then that’s great. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But you’re not the kind of person I wanna spend my energy working with.

I love and respect you as a human being but you may as well unsubscribe from this newsletter right now.

My mission in life is to invest every ounce of my being into training souls who understand that growth lies in immersing yourself in the uncomfortable.

Who accept the knowledge that maybe they will fail…

But failure is acceptable when the alternative is you can’t look at yourself in the mirror without feeling shame because you know you could have given more.

If that describes you, I’ll be the most valuable ally in your entire poker journey.

I’ll hold you accountable, push you farther than you think you’re capable of going, and make sure you ultimately give an effort you can be proud of.

Your first opportunity to bear down, immerse yourself into the uncomfortable, and make massive gains fires back up this Saturday with the launch of Preflop Bootcamp.

If you’re ready to take that step, here’s your link:


If you’re cool with not maximizing your potential as a poker player, I guess this is where we part ways. Again no hard feelings, I wish you the best and I hold nothing but love for you in my heart.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad

P.S. Saturday also marks the launch of November’s “Elite” program. This is for more advanced players who are looking to upgrade monthly volume and become more emotionally resilient in their daily sessions.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Elite”, hit reply and you and I can set up a free 30 minute consult.