How you’re like a factory

There’s a metaphor I like to use as it relates to your poker journey:

Imagine yourself as a factory. Instead of producing widgets on your assembly line, your product is putting together well played hand after well played hand.

In the beginning, your factory is dark and musty and filled with sharp objects, cobwebs, and rust…

But it’s yours so you love it and you’re pumped to go to work because you know that with some hard-work and elbow grease, you can have this puppy up and roaring in no time…

So you work hard figuring out how all your little machines work together, hire outside consultants to help you fix your blind spots, and do everything in your power to make your factory shiny and chrome…

The end result?

You’re able to produce high quality hand after high quality hand and eventually, you realize, you’d really love it if your factory could stay open for as long as possible.

After all, in this business you don’t get to make money when your factory’s light are off.

But learning how to keep your factory going longer without lowering the quality of your products or the quality of your life is easier said than done…

You need a proven process that helps hold you accountable for maximizing your output without burning yourself out or harming your most precious relationships.

That’s where my Elite program comes in:

If you’re already a winning player who feels in your heart you have more to give each month…

Elite helps you quickly get to where you wanna be and then holds you there forever so that you never have to worry or work with anybody else on this stuff ever again.

Each Month My Elites:

  • Get four 30-minute Optimization sessions with me so that they can eliminate energy sucking mental feedback loops and develop logistical plans for sustained success.
  • Set flexible goals as a group with built-in accountability designed to test their limits so that they never have to worry or wonder what their true capabilities really are.
  • Are challenged to exit their comfort zones so that they’re always progressing towards their best selves.

Because this program is only for folks whose factories are already operating at a high level…

Elite requires a 6-month commitment and members are accepted only through application + consult only (To ensure you’re a good fit for the program).

If you’d like to apply, here’s your link:

If it makes sense for you, I hope to see you on the inside.

Coach Brad