How-to judge your odds of poker success

Here’s a thing I find fascinating:

Science has shown that folks who read baby books ultimately raise more well-rounded kids than those who don’t.

OK so that’s pretty expected and boring. It’s this next bit that really gets the hamster wheel in my brain revving…

Why do you think this is true? Is it because:

A) Baby books are extremely valuable and essential to becoming a great parent?


B) The type of person who actively seeks out information on raising their child is just the type of person who ultimately makes for a better parent?

Far be it for me to drop an adult sized deuce on baby book authors worldwide but my intuitions leads me to option B because..

The type of person who isn’t interested in learning how to be a good mom or dad from folks who have been there and done that are probably hell bent on doing things their way.

So they’re way more likely to make the same mistakes raising their kids human beings have been making since the Ice Age.

The same concept applies directly to poker.

Folks who invest in private coaching and courses are MUCH MORE likely to succeed at this game than those who don’t…

Not necessarily because of the inherent value the courses & private coaching provide…

(Even though it’s almost impossible to go wrong investing into poker training as a whole, which I’ll get into in a second)

…but because they’re the TYPE of person who’s willing to take a small risk so that they can obtain the wisdom of folks who are already successful at the thing they wish to be successful at.

I’ll take it even further…

This concept applies EVEN MORE to aspiring poker players BECAUSE analyzing Risk vs. Reward at a high level is a MAJOR part playing winning poker.

Take, for instance, the Risk vs. Reward of Preflop Bootcamp:

The program costs $199 (Until it goes up to $297 tomorrow).

If you’re a $1-$2 or $2-$5 live cash game player…

How much do you REALLY need to gain from Bootcamp for it to pay for itself 10, 20, or even 100 times over?

A shockingly small amount when $199 is:

1 Buy-In at $1-$2.
40% of 1 Buy-In at $2-$5.
20% of one Buy-In at $5-$10.
And yet…

There are folks in Greatness Village who play these stakes in live poker, have been sitting on the fence while asking the same questions for the past 6 months, and are too afraid to take the plunge.

On the flip side you have folks like my private coaching student Jon who instantly bought Bootcamp when it launched 6 months ago at a paltry $99…

He’s since successfully moved up to $1k NL on Ignition where he pretty much still uses the same Preflop Bootcamp strategy.

When it’s all said and done, Preflop Bootcamp will have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jon at the end of his poker career.

Such a tiny, miniscule investment ought to be a complete no-brainer for anyone who aspires to be a winning poker player… and yet…

There are folks reading this email who have dreams of becoming successful poker players but are unwilling to pull the trigger.

Somehow in their brain the potential risks outweigh the potential rewards…

If you had to place a bet on which type of human will ultimately be more successful playing poker, which one would you put your money on?

My money IS and ALWAYS WILL BE on the folks who weigh the risk vs. reward and pull the trigger on courses like

I can’t even make a case for the other side.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad