How I went from Applebee’s hall-of-famer to professional poker player

Let me weave you the tale of my ascent as a professional poker player. 

It actually starts in kind of a weird place, months before I played my first legitimate hand in a live casino: 

It starts at your local neighborhood bar and grill, Applebee’s. 

At the time I lived with my grandparents, didn’t have a car, and my net worth had never been greater than $1,000. My all-consuming dream was to become a professional poker player. 

I had just turned 20 years old and was working a minimum 10 shifts every week. Banking a hundred bucks after a double was a damn good day. Even when I wasn’t on the clock I was still showing up at nights so that I could earn extra money doing side work for my co-workers. 

Funny how you can look back at an experience fondly while also knowing you despised pretty much every single second of it. 

There was one thing I did, however, that was light-years more important than earning extra cash. Every single day I showed up to work 30 minutes early and read all the poker strategy I could get my grubby little mitts on.  

Which basically means lugging around SuperSystem, The Theory of Poker, and Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker everywhere I went. 

Frankly, as someone who had almost no experience playing poker, I didn’t absorb too much theory. One thing, however, became super glued inside of my thick skull. 

Honestly, it was all you needed to know to be a winning player back in 2004. 

I roughly learned what hands you were supposed to play from each position. 

That’s it. 

Those silly biscuits I was battling against, regardless of how long they had been playing cards, simply could not overcome the hole they dug for themselves by playing wayyyy too many hands pre. 

Just four months after my server’s apron was retired in the Applebee’s Hall-of-Face I had moved to Florida and was in the midst of a 14 session winning-streak with $4,000 cash in my wallet and $15k+ in my PartyPoker account.  

I haven’t looked back since. 

Which brings me to the present where my mind is truly bottled by how many folks are still butchering their preflop play. 

The info on how to play perfectly is literally at your fingertips. Hell, I even catch my students (Who study poker for hundreds of hours and pay me thousands of dollars) bumbling around pre like Mr. Bean at a church service. 

If all it took for me to become a professional poker player 16 years ago was making the correct decision preflop more often than my opponent’s, what kind of shot do you think you have today if you’re routinely making giant blunders? 

Slim … just like my body-type was 16 years ago. 

The one thing you can do that guarantees you close that skill gap so that you give yourself a fighting chance is hopping into Preflop Bootcamp and absolutely crushing it. 

The cart closes in less than three days. Tick tock. 

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Until tomorrow, 

Coach Brad