Free Consult Friday – First Come First Serve

You know how Kentucky is an NBA superstar factory?

Well, Greatness Village is going to be known as a poker superstar factory.

And it’s already produced its first genuine crusher.

Four months ago I was contacted out of the blue by a dude who was a live $5-$10 pro looking to transition to online cash. Coach Thomas had actually played against him on the L.A. scene and confided he thought of him as a “Nit Pro”.

He asked me what stakes I suggested he jump into in the online streets and I told him $200 NL.
It’s a stake where the games are still really good and any pro worth their salt ought to be able to have a 6 bb+ win rate.

He opted to start at $0.50/$1 because he was under the impression online players were all card carrying members of Mensa who consulted at NASA.

Here’s what happened after weekly coaching sessions, Preflop Bootcamp, and two months spent in the Elite program designed to maximize volume and improve mindset:

Month 1: The struggle was real. Started out losing at $100 NL but ended up saving his month with some late rungood.

Month 2: The heat was real. Confidence levels soared, moved up to $200 NL and pumped out a 10 bb/100 winrate over 20k hands.

Month 3: (ELITE PROGRAM) Goal of 30k hands (a 50% increase from his online volume thusfar). Nailed the volume goal, improved his recovery, maintained 10 bb/100 winrate.

Month 4: (ELITE PROGRAM) Goal of 47k hands (50%+ increase from October’s goal), shot taking $500 NL, and $10k+ in profit. Nailed all three.

Month 5: First week of December – Shot taking $1k NL -> +$10k in the FIRST WEEK.

This is what happens when you invest in yourself, trust your guide, and stick to the process day in and day out.

I know you probably haven’t ever had someone like me sit down with you and give you a plan for your poker future, so today I’m going to give you that opportunity.

I’m dedicating all day Friday to doing FREE 30 minute logistical consults where you and I sit down and create a path for your poker journey moving forward.

You’ll learn exactly what step you ought to be taking next and create a vision for your poker career.

You have until tomorrow morning to book your consult (I’m locking my calendar whenever I wake up tomorrow), spots are limited, and it’s first come first serve.

To book your free consult, here’s your link:

Coach Brad