A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Story

Dear VIP,

In 1984 Larry David (Co-Creator, head writer, and EP of Seinfeld) was a sketch comedy writer working for SNL.

It was easy work. He was making a ton of money, but Larry had one major problem with the producer of SNL (Dick Ebersol) who had only aired one of Larry’s sketches for the past year.

When yet another sketch got cut 30 minutes before SNL went live Larry Longballs snapped.

In his own words, ‘Ebersol had the headset on in the back near the monitor. I walked up to him and I went, this fucking show stinks! It’s a piece of shit. I’m done! I quit! Fuck you! And that was it and then I left.’

But as he was walking home he started doing the math in his head and realized how much money his outburst had just cost him.

It was a metric fuck-ton of cash.

So what did he do? Did he curl up in a ball and go through a major depression?

Nope, he did the most Larry David thing you could do and just showed back up to work on Monday and pretended the whole thing never happened.

Now let’s be honest with one another for a moment.

How many times have you quit poker?

How many times have you yelled, “Fuck this game, fuck these cards, fuck these chips, and fuck sitting in an oval with all of you dirty ass motherfuckers!”

Don’t feel bad!

Trust me. I get it.

I can almost guarantee I’ve quit poker more times than you have.

This game will make you have outbursts of anger that will have your 4-year-old commenting to your wife, “Wow mom, dad needs to grow up.”

Then, after embarrassing yourself completely and totally and swearing off poker for the rest of your life…

The next day you just log on like nothing ever happened.

Here’s the deal:

Your emotions are often unwieldy creatures that take control of the mothership and cause you to think, do, and say some things you’d probably like to take back.

So my advice to you today is to take a page out of The Book of Larry David.

When you’re seeing red and everything looks punchable somewhere in the back of your mind try to be aware that your rage is only temporary.

Don’t shove it down and do your best not to feel it…

It will only manifest in other more unpleasant ways.

Instead, experience it fully (internally, preferably) and know that it will eventually pass on like all emotions inevitably do.

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad

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