Master Your Preflop Ranges in 5 Days!

Dear VIP,

It’s the end of the month which means … LAUNCH TIME!

This month’s launch is “Range Bootcamp” where you’ll master your 6-max preflop cash game ranges IN FIVE DAYS FLAT!

No more botching three-bets and punting stacks.

No more typing out a hand history, asking for feedback, and getting the dreaded “Fold Pre”.

If you do not have your preflop strategy down pat…

And you’re serious about maximizing your poker ability…

This is the necessary step one.

Here’s how it’s going to go down:

You’ll join a Zoom meeting on Saturday August 1st at 3 pm EST.

I’ll give you your optimal preflop ranges.

You’ll state your emotional “why” to the group … The driving force behind your goal of improving at poker.

You’ll be given the Bootcamp checklist so that your daily goal is crystal clear.

You’ll be paired up with an accountability partner you will meet with on a daily basis (The two of you will choose a convenient time) so that you can’t wriggle out of studying.

You’ll take part in a high pressure final exam right before Poker Power Hour on Wednesday August 5th.

If you want to finally ONCE-AND-FOR-ALL master your preflop ranges…

So that you can start focusing on improving your postflop game…

You do not want to miss out on Bootcamp!

I am limiting availability to the first 10 folks who sign up (3 spots have already been taken).

Once all the seats are gobbled up, you’ll have to wait until Bootcamp launches again for your next shot.

Lock in your spot at:

Until tomorrow,

Coach Brad