The Best Online Poker Platforms to Play Poker in 2022 with REAL User Reviews

It’s kinda’ tough out there in the online poker space. Everywhere you look, people and websites are shilling for this poker platform over that one. It’s hard to cut through the confusion to find real reviews from actual players in these online streets that actually describe their experiences in their own words and based on everyday use of the platform. And so we’ve put the call out for real world players to share their ratings and reviews, with the goal of helping us create a shared resource here on Chasing Poker Greatness to help other players evaluate all the online poker platforms and find the right fit before jumping in.

If you’re an online player and would like to submit your experiences via our online survey, just scroll down to the bottom and we’d love to hear from you!

Poker Platform #1: Ignition Casino

The Poker Room of Ignition Poker is the poker vertical of an online gambling company created in September of 2016, called Ignition Casino. The poker site was actually created by purchasing the existing player base of Bovada, an American-only poker platform that was part of the Bodog Group. Bovada's poker assets and accounts were sold in this transaction to Pai Wang Luo, a Hong Kong-based investment company. At the onset, Ignition poker only served games to American players. However, in July 2017, Ignition started their acceptance of players from Australia, as well as America. Both countries are considered gray markets, legally speaking, as it pertains to online poker.

Aggregate User Reviews for Ignition Casino Poker Room:

"I trust Ignition's cash outs, site integrity, and RNG. I don't trust their cheating / Real-Time Assistance enforcement capabilities."
USA player
"About minor matters, such as deposits or software errors, they have quickly and effectively communicated with me. Concerning major matters such as account being disabled and investigated, communication was slow, ineffective, and they chose to work at their own pace without providing details or an appropriate timeline to complete the investigation."
USA player based in California
"Tables freeze, and there's no auto top-up on the native platform."
USA player based in Colorado
"Solid volume at all stakes and games."
USA player
"Deposited in Bitcoin and funds were available quickly."
USA player based in Colorado
"The perk is the weak player pool."
USA player based in California

The clear majority of our respondents play on Ignition Casino Poker Room. The likely reason for this is due to the fact that they serve the USA market, where Chasing Poker Greatness is based.

Ignition is the largest US poker site, hands down. This ensures that it has action at nearly all limits of your choosing and at all hours, day and night. Your first deposit bonus generally clears quickly at the lower tiers. In addition to this, there are many guaranteed tournaments every single day. The free Bitcoin withdrawals are a huge amenity and this grows more relevant by the day. Games are reported by most to be loose, and this is likely because Ignition’s business model prioritizes and works hard to protect rec players.

One downside, and our user scores reflect this, is that there is no rakeback or VIP program. Compounding this is that the higher tiers of the first deposit bonus are hard to clear in the limited timeframe given. Some players may feel that the lack of usernames and game selection is not to their taste.

By most accounts, Ignition Poker is one of the safest poker sites on the internet and has consistently been so. As the largest US poker site, it has managed to avoid scandals and impropriety, which have obviously plagued other sites in recent memory. Bodog and Bovada have also thus far kept in the good graces of public scrutiny. On Ignition, all payments are made very securely using the same backend infrastructure and standards that banks do. All withdrawal requests go into processing within one day and payouts seem to process quickly according to our user reports.

Here's What Our User Review Questionnaire Respondents Had to Say About Ignition Poker:

“I like the anonymity of ignition. Player pools are large and soft. The software sucks pretty often, and I have been booted from frozen tables in the middle of large hands. Otherwise I think the site it pretty good and reasonably safe to play on.” – Scott from Colorado, USA

“Very easy to deposit/withdraw. Responsive customer service. Good games. Only downside is software. No auto top up. Occasional disconnection issues.” – John from the West Coast, USA

Good game selection. Softer low stakes tournaments on Ignition/Bovada than ACR but ACR has a better tournament selection. I mostly play cash and like the anonymous tables on Ignition/Bovada.” – Jeremiah from Indiana, USA

“If I were to advise anyone looking to get into Online poker, and they were only going to play one site, I would always tell everyone to just play Ignition / Bovada. IMO best site for US players by a large margin. Good games, good liquidity, good software, ez cashout/withdrawal, all around solid site and the best option.” – Doug from USA

Biggest positive is the population of the player pool and reasonable rake. Negatives are questionable customer service in major matters, and lack of benefits, no rake-back and so on.” – Elijah from California, USA

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