Does size REALLY matter?

In an effort to tell you a good story today I decided to research “Does size really matter?” on Reddit.

Big mistake. HUGE.

Except I did stumble across this gem:

So this dude believes for his whole 40 years of life that he’s completely average in all areas.

He’s only had one girlfriend and marries her straight out of high school.

He goes to buy condoms for the first time, grabs a pack of mediums, and sticks with ’em for the next 16 years.

Then he gets divorced and starts dating this new girl.

After the first time they hook up she brings him a surprise:

Large sized condoms.

As it turns out, he wasn’t COMPLETELY average.

Imagine wearing shoes two sizes too small for one day. All that cramping and lack of blood flow…

That’s what this dude’s penis felt for a couple decades.


Now to tie this random guy’s penis into a poker newsletter…

Imagine you open from the BTN, the BB (a losing player) calls, and you see a flop of:

Th Ts 9c

The BB checks.

Here’s why your flop continuation bet sizing matters:

  • The larger you bet, the more hands your opponent folds (Which can be a good thing if you’re bluffing).
  • The more hands your opponent folds, the stronger their range becomes (Which can be a good thing if you have a really strong hand).

So the perfect sizing depends on whether you want your opponent to fold or call on this specific flop.

If you want them to fold…

The LEAST efficient reasonable cbet sizing immediately wins you +0.67 bbs…

While the MOST efficient cbet sizing immediately wins you +1.22 bbs.

If you want them to call and you have an overpair (AA-JJ)…

The EV of your LEAST efficient reasonable sizing is +0.29 bbs…

While your EV of your MOST efficient sizing is +1.11 bbs.

Quite the difference there old chap.

What happens to your bankroll when you’re just guessing and hoping?

The moneyflow constricts, your bankroll gets the cramps, and I daresay both you and your significant other end up feeling unsatisfied.

But when you choose the PERFECT sizings every time…

You end up smiling and satisfied.

If you wanna learn how-to choose the perfect flop cbet sizing vs. fish for all occasions, here’s your link:

Talk tomorrow,

Coach Brad