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Episode 12

Today’s guest is live cash game crusher and online personality, DGAF.

DGAF is one of the best professional live cash poker players in the world. He’s been playing poker as a pro since 2007 (and saying he’s going to quit since about 2012). He’s a personal friend; someone I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of playing the game with, and against, during my own poker career. 
We talk about what got him started with poker, how he became a professional player and his thoughts on eventually getting out of the game. 

He’ll share the reasoning behind his somewhat paradoxical views on why you should love the game, why you should work to get better, and why shouldn’t be looking to make poker your full-time job and career.

For more than ten years now, he’s been crushing high-stakes live poker games. As any poker pro will tell you, though, it’s not all roses and rainbows. From huge highs to rock bottom lows, shady people, and even a brush with the Hell’s Angels, he explains what daily life in card rooms and casinos can be like. 
His posts on the 2+2 poker forums have earned more than 2 million, yes that’s MILLION, views.  
He’s a successful podcaster himself, publishing not one but two well-reviewed podcasts.  
He co-hosts the mental health “call-in”, or should I say “mail-in” show, Solicited Advice, where “a psychiatrist and professional poker player get together once a week to record a podcast over some Belgian beers.” (Their description, not mine) 

Connect With DGAF

He also headlines his own podcast, (DGAF’s Poker) Sessions, where he chronicles his adventures getting back to even from $250k worth of debt with no bankroll.

He’ll soon publish a book about his life and adventures in poker titled “The Long Run…” and he’s put together a collection of some of the coolest poker apparel and accessories to hit the market at pokerrags.us. 
He is, without a doubt, one of the best-liked and most respected players to ever take a seat at a poker table and it truly is an honor to have him with me as today’s guest. I can only hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording this episode. 
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