DGAF: Unmasked, High Stakes, and Hustler Live

Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast Episode 209

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Today’s guest is a fan favorite. One of my personal friends, DGAF he’s the host of the podcast sessions where he detailed.

His day-to-day life on the grind. His third rise after going broke a couple of times, and we’ve had some good news and the third rise department, because DGAF has been commenting on the hustler live stream, which is a really great opportunity for him and his brand and his podcast, which is very, very exciting.

He’s also been playing some high stakes. On the hustler live stream, which if you’ll remember a Tactical Tuesday. Yeah. From a few weeks back, Jon and I discussed DGAF’s, you know, unmasking of himself on the hustler live stream, which him and I are about to get into in this following conversation.

We’re also gonna talk about G man, we’re going to talk about DGAF’s plans for the future of his podcast and his brand, what he’s been getting up to in the world and how his journey back into the arena of high stakes poker has been going.

So without any further ado, I welcome back a good close personal friend of mine, a man that I’ve gone to war with many, many times on the Greenfeld, the one and only DGAF.

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Transcription of Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast Episode 209: DGAF: unmasked, High Stakes, and Hustler Live

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Well, hello, my friends welcome to another episode of chasing poker greatness podcast. As always, this is your host, the founder of chasing poker greatness.com. Coach Brad Wilson. And today’s guest is a fan favorite. One of my personal friends, DGAF. He’s the host of the podcast sessions where he details his day to day life on the grind his third rise after going broke a couple of times. And we’ve had some good news in the third rise department, because DGAF has been commenting on the hustler live stream, which is a really great opportunity for him and his brand and his podcast, which is very, very exciting. He’s also been playing some high stakes poker on the hustler live stream, which if you’ll remember a tactical Tuesday. Yeah, from a few weeks back, John and I discussed DGAF, you know unmasking of himself on the hustler live stream, which Tim and I are about to get into in this following conversation. We’re also going to talk about G Man, we’re going to talk about DG a ‘s plans for the future of his podcast and his brand, what he’s been getting up to in the world and how his journey back into the arena of high stakes poker has been going. So without any further ado, I welcome back a good close personal friend of mine, a man that I’ve gone to war with many many times on the green felt the one and only D G. Yo, yo, welcome. D G, A F slash, Billy. What I will refer to you moving forward because DGAF is so annoying to verbalize out loud. What’s up, man? Welcome to the show.


DGAF (2:25) What’s happening, Brad? Good to be on again. Yes, your handsome face. I like to see it on Twitter. But even better on my laptop screen.


Brad Wilson (2:35) Thank you on Twitter, you know, most of my posts these days are my assistant Gwen, you know, promoting the shows? I get kind of over Twitter, like pretty quickly. You know? Just yeah, the whole poker Twitter.


DGAF (2:52) It’s rough man. Yeah. I gotta be on there. Send them out, too. Well, I don’t have an assistant. I’m not big time like you. But I think it’s pretty well established agreed upon that you’re the most handsome face on Twitter, at least over Twitter.


Brad Wilson (3:09) Thanks, man. I appreciate that. You know, you’ve been showing your face out into the world more often as well. I want to talk about that. Because as we said, you know, you’re out. People know what you look like you’ve unmasked yourself, how’s that coming?


DGAF (3:26) Um, it’s been interesting, I still wear sunglasses, I’m still hanging on to my eyes. I, as I’ve said a bunch of times, you know, in my content and other interviews, I never had any ambition to be any sort of personality, celebrity, whatever you want to call it. I’ve always just been a poker player and a storyteller. That’s where my heart is. Being very private, and anonymous. And I love that. But this it’s kind of do anything you can come up when you’re 48 years old, and you got two kids. And your expenses are incredibly high in Southern California. It’s kind of do whatever you can do, and stop being so idealistic. That’s how we got here. Well,


Brad Wilson (4:23) you you built everything you’ve done. You built yourself up as the hero right in this endless journey in this story, and some people’s minds. Some people are the antihero or whatever it is a lot of haters, but


DGAF (4:37) yeah, there are a bunch of incredibly supportive people that that would feel that way, I guess.


Brad Wilson (4:45) Yeah. I mean, basically, we make podcasts not so that we can have less listeners even though you know, we can be idealistic in the beginning and have the you know, devil may care attitude, but at the end of the day, I think we would rather have more downloads than Less downloads. And I can say that just with extreme confidence in my case, at least I want more rather than less. And yeah, I think it’s, it’s really good to for you to share your face and also you have the opportunity with, you know, the hustler live stream to really elevate you know, your pod, your brand, just all the things that that you’re wanting to do. And to me, I assume that that opportunity is just like, too good to pass up.


DGAF (5:31) Yeah, it just it’s been a pretty huge thing in my life that Ryan Feldman left live with the by wanting to start something fresh with Nick for Tucci. And I don’t remember the exact initial conversation. I don’t know if I reached out to Ryan Ryan reached out to me, but either way,


Brad Wilson (5:52) did you guys know each other? I assume he had a previous relationship.


DGAF (5:56) Yeah, we knew each other. For probably 10 years. In LA, I actually introduced him to Garrett. So I feel like feel good about that, that I changed some poker history by introducing the guy that makes the show and then the star of the show, which was at live at the bike and now was at hustler. So I don’t, I didn’t have any experience commentating like everyone else, I thought I could be a great commentator, because I know what’s going on. I can think quickly. I can be funny when it’s time to be funny. And it’s much tougher than I thought it was gonna be, but I’m still learning. And yeah, it’s just been, it’s just I got really lucky I work hard for for four years, is my story is that I hit rock bottom in 2017, and then work my ass off, like, as hard as I could and kind of wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was Sisyphus, just forever, and


Brad Wilson (7:00) just playing the Sisyphus, you know, we can’t just pull these out of nowhere. What still


DGAF (7:04) some review. I probably said it wrong. But it’s the guy trying to push the rock. Yeah, up a mountain and just never gets anywhere. And that was me for four years, I started, I had a startup called poker eggs, which I still haven’t made any money off of. It’s profitable, but I’m just thinking long term with it. And I started, I had a blog for a while that I cancelled. And I was always a blog. I’m sorry, a blog, a blog. A blog. I wrote, I had a blog site. And I got rid of that. And I always wrote on two plus two. And then I had a mental health podcast and none of these things were ever going to make me any money. And then I started sessions my poker slash live podcast, and just kind of stuck with it and then about a year in at a turning point where I got the feedback that do this, this is your this is your shit. Do this and still I just grinded it so hard. And and this year, everything is finally coming together and a lot of it has been luck just staying alive in having a good opportunity come up with this amazing company has succeeded alive and with the hustler as well actually worked with both the high stakes poker productions, which is Brian Feldman, Nick for Tucci and Patrick and all them, I work for them. And I also am working for the hustler, as well. It’s two different entities and the GM of the hustler Sean April’s. I mean, it’s gonna sound like I’m just saying this, but just the coolest person in the casino industry I’ve ever met and just someone that believes in like you do something good for us, we’ll do something good for you. And it’s all going good right now.


Brad Wilson (9:05) I think anybody that is familiar with you or your story would feel pretty confident that you’re not just someone that says things to say,


DGAF (9:15) I can’t I can’t like bullshit. If Sean eight was a dickhead, I wouldn’t say that. But, but he’s just a genuine dude and a good businessman who gets it that, that, you know, bringing in people that have a following and do have credibility and can attract players. It’s valuable to them and, and they’ll take care of you. And same thing with Ryan and Nick. It’s just been, it’s just been really fortunate for me. I have worked hard for five years or whatever. But first of all, I didn’t really get anywhere. And now I’m starting to find that.


Brad Wilson (9:52) I think, I think a lot of times, you know, this is sort of how it works. Like there’s a quote that says we always overestimate what we can get done in one year and dramatically underestimate what we can get done in 10. And so persistence is just a key piece of the puzzle. And I mean, you’re a likable guy, and people root for you. And I think that you keep moving forward, something was inevitably bound to happen like good things. Can you tell me, because this is something I’m curious about, I’ve only commentated poker a couple of times, and it was during it was during the I think it was Doug Polk first day, no new Gron new challenge for sulfur. Why? Because apparently, everybody that they knew had traveled out of country that they only had me available. And it ended about as unprofessionally, as commentating session can end where basically they started at 5pm. Eastern, and I told him Hey, guys, like we’re gonna roll, but I take my edible at eight and I’m asleep by 10. So like, if they go over, you get you get whatever you get. They did go over till about 930 Apparently, so I was very, very high. At the end of it. I got a little goofy. Yeah. But the first three hours, it was relatively okay. But it was a format that I’m pretty unfamiliar with. I’m not a heads up specialist by any stretch, haven’t put in much volume playing heads up. But like, like you, I do feel as if you know, I got the stuff to commentate like a full ring environment. And I know that there would certainly I would certainly get humbled kind of straight away. What are some of the challenges that you faced that were unexpected with commenting on the Huzur stream.


DGAF (11:54) So this is gonna seem like we rehearsed this, but what you said is the biggest challenge, three hours, sure, but our shows are five hours or six hours. And you’re sitting there in a booth by yourself looking at two different screens, mostly you’re by yourself, sometimes you have a guest. But you start to get a little loopy after a while you start to go to outer space, you’re looking at a chat scroll, it’s going very fast on a screen that has the action on a 10 second delay, and then you’re looking at the other screen which you’re commentating on and it’s just a long time to be focused on something without getting a little goofy. And I think people actually like it when it towards the end of shows when I just stopped giving a shit and just like just started me start being ridiculous, but it’s different. It’s a, what I’m commentating on is a reality television show. So it’s not Doug Polk first game kind of heads up where everyone wants to know about each play, and they probably want it to be more serious. I don’t know that people want me to be more serious. I don’t believe I believe some poker can be serious. And we’ll talk about I’m sure today, but I don’t think most of it should be in live cash. higher stakes should not be and I think I think yeah, so I haven’t had an easier than you. You’re you were commenting on something very official, very serious. In the poker world, I’m I’m commentating on guys, who, you know, just have different jobs and come there to gamble and have fun. And it’s so the biggest challenge is staying focused for five hours. Now, the number one, the second one is I’m a sensitive person, I’m a sensitive boy inside. And just like my son is so sensitive and I it’s just how I was and I still am the chat the scroll, which you do need to be read or peruse while you’re calling the action. They can be so nasty. And people say well, it’s just internet trolls, you know that it still gets me i i still have to fight off getting angry or sad or whatever. Um, it’s might sound ridiculous, but that’s my my second biggest obstacle.


Brad Wilson (14:21) Yeah, it’s, there’s a human being behind a keyboard somewhere who’s typing these awful things in the chat. And for some reason, feel as if like, it’s an acceptable thing to do. So to me, like most human beings would be, you know, feel sensitive to that sort of like, just awfulness really is what it is. And I assumed like they’re probably not even talking about you for the most part, right?


DGAF (14:51) Yeah, no. Sometimes they are. And sometimes they’re just being super mean any women that play in and that’s brutal. That’s just Like, yeah, that gets me as well. And even if they’re just being mean to a dude, just being negative and toxic and all that shit, it’s just, it’s just rough, right? And you’ll see the pros like Dave Tuchman is a professional commentator. I don’t think it, it hurts him. I think he just knows what it is. But he’s been doing it for a long time. And he just, he just goes right over it laughs at it and moves on. I aspire to be more like that. But yeah, it’s just, I’ve cut all anyone negative, judgmental. I’ve cut all of them out of my life. I just had to, they were bad for me. And so as a commentator, I’m being reintroduced to people that can say, like, you suck, you’re boring. You don’t know shit. Yeah. Get part of Hanson in here, whatever it is. And


Brad Wilson (15:57) that’s the one that hurts the most


DGAF (16:00) is great, but it’s like, what am I okay, yeah, I’m gonna get him in here. Live in LA. So those two biggest obstacles to staying focused, and then just the haters. But other than that, like, some of the tech stuff of forget, if you’re looking at the chat screen, you’re on a delay of what you’re commentating on. So sometimes I’m like, wow, I really liked that squeeze there. And then I’ll look over the right screen. Oh, shit, the flop. Sorry about that person just slumped to pants. Because on the last screen, the flat doesn’t come out. And it’s just, you know, going back and forth. Yeah, I guess I guess that’s about it. I really do love it. It’s a it’s a brand new for a content for me, I’ve only done it about two months in total. And I still feel like I’m going to get to a point where I’m really good at knowing what the game is what my role is. Mostly, my role is to let the table or the viewer feel like they’re at the table. Here the table talk. I don’t talk over it. I feel you know, I fill in the silence and call the action and just let people in on the flop. Double gutter, he flipped Parent Guide shot the step fluc air disguise backdoors whatever it is. So, yeah, I think I will get there. Hopefully sooner than later. And in people telling me that I do do well already. But one example I will say is last week, I think it was it was Tuesday night, I had Gary Alstyne in the booth with me. And I know that’s everyone’s favorite poker player. And I go way back with him. And normally my job is to let the game breathe. And let let the viewers hear the player I knew with this guy in the booth it was that interview him for five hours basically and, and let them call action and stuff. And so I felt good about how I facilitated that. And I talked to the producers after and they’re like, Yeah, that’s cool. Like normally we just want to you know, hear the players but obviously, people wanted to hear Garrett so I don’t know, it’s a learning experience. I love it. It’s just it’s just brand new for me still. Um, why do you


Brad Wilson (18:24) think Garrett’s everybody’s favorite player? Just as as like an aside, what is it about Garrett? You know, you mentioned that you introduced Garrett to Feldman. Back in the day. I think like, there’s a he just has a weird thing where like, he’s very noticeable, like in a room, you know, he sits down at the tip, but probably because he’s like, giant and muscley and would always buy in, like 10x when everybody else was playing.


DGAF (18:48) He is a super achiever in life, not just in poker, but in life. And a lot of people love that and respect it. And when it comes to playing poker that they’ve seen on stream, he is the best they’ve seen consistently. He had, he has the most part, which I think is what resonates with everyone is this guy will just put the money in and and he’s over the years learning the soft skills to get that action. He you remember playing with him back in the day, he wasn’t smooth. And he didn’t know how to dress and talk and all that interact with the right players. But because he wanted to be a great poker player, Live Poker Player, he had to learn all that stuff, which has nothing to do with Sims in and all that. Yeah, just like


Brad Wilson (19:49) being a cool person. I mean, it takes you further than than you would think in Live Poker specifically because like the best the thing that you can have going for you that’s greater than all the other things is that people just enjoy sitting down and playing cards with you. Like, when you sit at the game, you can, everybody at the table knows that you’re a favorite, and that you’re going to be winning money at the end of the year. But they still are happy to see you there. Right. Like, that’s, that’s the best skill that you can have as a live life Pro.


DGAF (20:22) For sure, I remember when he came to LA, I knew he was good. I knew him from before. And I always love when he sat at my game, despite knowing he’s gonna, like, be a nightmare to play, especially out of position, and you’re just gonna have to get money in a lot. Because just so funny and intelligent and quick with, you could just title go by by fast, it wouldn’t be me talking to a bunch of people that aren’t picking up on my sarcasm. And so he can do that with everyone. He interacts with this person this way, you’ll hear not that, not that he needs to entertain Julie orange. She’s someone who plays on the shows a producer, she’s a winning player, but he has a way to interact with her and in they talk about movies and stuff. And so he finds interests in each player. And he really is the poster boy for for live Pro, I think in but I also don’t think like, people should try and model that. I don’t think people can come up that way anymore. I think he’s got he’s got his place. But I don’t think you can play as hard as he does. And get action consistently. And I know that’s gonna be controversial, especially talking to you. But one thing I love about our conversations, we have different philosophies, and neither of us really ever gets triggered by it. No,


Brad Wilson (21:54) not really. I mean, I do think people can, I think there there will be people who take the same path eventually as as Garrett and kind of follow the Garrett model. Whether or not they can, you know, ride it to where Garrett is currently at. I think that’s I don’t know, but But I do think he has, you know, he’s kind of forged that model and I think people will follow in those footsteps eventually it does take it does take a specific type of person though it’s the personality side of life poker is not a thing that a lot of the Crushers can just turn on in an instant, right? They’re just not made that way. I wanted to go back to the trolls for a moment, though. If we can segue away from Garrett for a minute. i Yeah, like Yeah, I think so. This is my personal opinion. And I know talk very professional way more professional. I mean, talk would have never gotten high on the soul for why stream with the Doug Polk. But I don’t know if duck has a bedtime. I’ve got a very hard bedtime at 10pm. Yeah, I think on that stream, probably an hour or two in I mean, I just, I can’t help myself, but make fun of the trolls like, it’s just like something in me is like when people start attacking. So it’s like a switch flips. And I’ve just got to come after them and make fun of them. And I actually love it when commentators or people go after those guys, because like, man, like they really just deserve it.


DGAF (23:35) Yeah, you can call them knits as well just people that want to take and in and not give and you know infringe. I always go after Nicks. You probably remember that from playing at the table with me, if someone’s being a fucking nit trying to see change and whatnot, they’re there, the foreman is not going to tell them that’s not cool. The deal is not going to tell them that it’s not cool. It’s up to the players. And it’s up to the working pros. And so that’s always been me and I’ve got into it with a ton of new pros who didn’t understand most of the time they figure it out, and we’re fine later. I do that I do that with with the trolls in the chat as well. A lot of times, if you’re watching a stream, or I’m commentating and I get quiet for a while I’m fucking typing. Or like just troll them back. And, and even like, yeah, like, even as busy as I am, which I’m incredibly busy. Sometimes if I had to check out of my hotel early before the show, I just go to Starbucks and get a giant coffee and then just go in their comments and just troll them back and just tell them like, because I don’t know, I like wasting time and also like standing up to fucking nuts. Yeah,


Brad Wilson (24:51) it’s just, I mean, the good news is like there’s never been any respectable poker player to the best of my knowledge that watches a lie. livestream and trolls in the live stream, right? Like, it’s it basically is signaling that you’ve had not much success, especially in the world of poker and probably not in life either because I mean, let’s think let’s like Be realistic about it right? Like, I don’t know if many successful people that hang out in live streams, just making fun of whoever they feel like making fun of right? Yeah, yeah.


DGAF (25:26) I hope I hope you’re not poopy pants 22 And they’re telling me I suck Braddock could you as my alter


Brad Wilson (25:33) ego is it would be pants 22 Yes, that I think you know,


DGAF (25:40) like, you idiot. You said he’s it. The best thing is when they run it twice. Whoever doesn’t benefit from running it twice as stone cold moron. Like that’s, that’s my favorite thing. But yeah, yeah, who knows who the trolls are. There might be some pros out there. They’re just fucking with me. I’m getting better. I’m getting better at it not caring and just, I can just like tilt that screen away for a little bit. And it’s funny though, it gets everyone I’ve commentated with co owner of this show, Nick for Tucci. And I’m like, great, man. I’m gonna have the chat NBU. And then I’ll call the accident come to you for some color commentary, and an hour into the show. Like, I’ll be feeling great. And he’s like, ready to break somebody’s like, you look at the chat. It’s great that it’s a and I should also say it’s only it’s only about 10% of the people in the chat that are maximum that are horrible. They’re horrible. They’re just there. It’s misplaced everything. And about 90% are really great for the for the community of it, and a lot of them are hilarious, just subtly hilarious. Sometimes you have to fight laughing just because you read something that was that was really funny. And I don’t know, it’s just rolls man. I don’t know.


Brad Wilson (27:15) Who who won the hustler live stream these past couple of months. Like who do you enjoy watching play? That maybe you didn’t? Previously?


DGAF (27:26) We weren’t sure. So I really enjoyed this kid. Just learn poker. He’s in Kryptos names Westley. His Twitter is at crypto apprenti. One, and he’s a big time crypto influencer. And he’s got all the money. He’s in his early 20s or mid 20s. And he had just lost, I think 20 million in crypto and basically cashed out and waited for it to to like bottom out in his opinion. And while he was doing that, he just walked into the hustler. I think he had played cards couple times and just saw the stage. And he saw the glass doors and basically just walked up there and knocked on and play. And he really didn’t know all the rules at the beginning. And he’s playing the fucking Friday game with Garrett and gall and he’s playing he played every single day. And you just obviously his fundamentals were very important beginning and they’re getting better quickly as much. As much as he wants to put into it. He’ll get out of it. But just the amount of gamble he had was very fun to watch.


Brad Wilson (28:41) Come on many key comes from the crypto space like you guys, you guys are nothing. high stakes poker that that ain’t nothing.


DGAF (28:48) No, I understand it’s all relative, but still, if you’re just like jammin 10k in there over and over and rebuying and laughing. I respect that. And, and it was cool to see that he had no background in this game, but he has this innate talent. So he would make really good plays here and there. So he’s one. Let’s see, I’ve been commentating. I know this person’s a controversial figure in in live stream. I like commentating on poker bunny plays, I think she plays very well. And it drives so many fucking people crazy that she plays very well. And I kind of


Brad Wilson (29:35) think that is she’s she’s actually going to go to be on the pod in the near future as well.


DGAF (29:39) Why does it drive people crazy? Well, a lot of people are haters of, of young women like doing well. That’s part of it. She does. She has a couple of areas of opportunity to be better at the table. She could play faster. She could interact in conversation Since a little more and not just about her not just talking about her thoughts, but man, she’s 23 or four I don’t remember. And we’ll sit down with anyone. And will she executes more often than not. And I don’t know I like it just cuz I because I don’t hate women. And I don’t hate young people. So just like if it was some old dude doing that, I would respect that to some newcomer.


Brad Wilson (30:31) Yeah, that that’ll be the highlight. You don’t hate women and you don’t hate young people. I don’t you also like old people. So you


DGAF (30:41) think I don’t hate anyone. The only thing I’m against is knit people who take people in fringe. Other than that I am a fan of everyone. That’s just, that’s just how it’s been for a long time.


Brad Wilson (30:54) Well, you know, you mentioned the third rise in our last conversation that you’re going to be devoting more time to playing cards. And now you’re playing cards on the hustler livestream. I don’t know exactly what stakes you’ve been playing leading up to the hussar live stream, but I know that, you know, you’re playing relatively big on on stream. How does that feel? How’s that going?


DGAF (31:22) So it’s an adjustment. It uh, yeah, basically, most of my career, I was already, I was already like a veteran. over 10 years ago, I was already trying to get a book over 10 years ago, and most of my career was at the 10 2040. They’ll be like the median status, right. And then I’ve talked about hitting rock bottom in 2017. And since then, I’ve been trying to go on some sort of run in smaller games, get my confidence back. Not really, in this will sound lame, but not really so much in my ability to play poker, but in the debt, I just had a year where I ran so bad that it shook me, it gave me poker PTSD, sort of called it. And so that’s what I’ve been doing is playing games where I’m kind of numb to the stakes to 510, mostly in the last four or five years. And then I would play sometimes 1020 10 2040 Occasionally. But yeah, lately, I’m playing bigger again, especially when I play on stream, because a 1020 game on stream is always 10 2040. And then it becomes 1020 4080. Sometimes put on the 160. And suddenly, you’re playing big again. My first time playing on stream, I played a 26k pot, I played several big pots after that, after the show was over, we say, and it’s definitely an adjustment. I’m still getting re acclimated. But it feels good. And I’ve only played on stream twice. And the second time I played was suppose what just a few days ago on Wednesday, and the game played a little bit smaller, but it’s 10 2040. And towards the end of it, I felt fine. I was in especially after the stream which will be in my podcast. I don’t I don’t know when I’ll drop it. But after the stream, I felt like me I felt like prime me again shorthanded, super deep 20k deep, and just flexing my poker muscles of I know your light here. I know, you know, I’m like, you cannot call this much money and I was just doing over and over. And I maybe overdid it because the game ended up breaking but it just felt fucking good for a little bit, just a few hours after the stream. And I and both times I played on stream I lost on stream and got unstuck later, but uh, yeah, I’m not I’m not being hard on myself for sometimes I’m, I’m thinking oh shit, we’re about to play a 20k pot. I got one pair. And I haven’t done this in a few years. So it’s fine. I’m getting more and more used to it. I’ll be I’ll be fine with it soon. And as my financial situation improves, that’ll be the big thing. If I can get no flush again, then I then I imagine I’ll have no problem with any stakes and you’ll see comfortable me at all times at the table or most times at the table, but I’m not there yet. And I’m okay with it. I’m totally okay with that. I was out of sorts the first time I played second time. Couple of hands I was were you just sort of like Whoa, what the fuck? Bright lights. We’re playing huge pots here. The guy just jammed. It’s gonna you know, I have one pair but I think I should call or Yeah,


Brad Wilson (34:50) so to be fair on the first stream, I’m pretty sure the biggest pot that you played was with a six and a deuce to the same suit that you you three bet pre so


DGAF (34:59) I will speak to that as well, Brad. I know that that made you sick.


Brad Wilson (35:04) No, I didn’t care. I was I was hoping that you got there hoping to fill in folded neither, neither of which happened. I will say, I did like skim through. But, you know, this is how much I like you as a human. I skimmed through all six hours trying to find like the interesting pots. And like there was one where the the board double paired and you had Queen Hi. Yeah, I was like, I was like, Oh, sweet. Like, this is a good one. He’s gonna call and then you fold it. I was like this motherfucker, how could


DGAF (35:35) that one was bad, I for sure was out of sorts. The first stream? I played better the second stream, no question still wasn’t like comfortable. But let me let me go back to that six deuce of hearts hand. So I was talking in, we can even rewind it further, your shows called Chasing poker greatness. And I’ve long said that, like you just can’t be that serious at the table, you won’t get action. It’s not sustainable long term, the games, you will end up only playing with other really good players in the game is too slow. And the rates too high, you need to have a very fun game. So I said that forever. And I want to change that, too. If you want to play live cash. That’s I think that holds true. If you do want to become the best poker player you can become in play very well. I think that’s what tournaments are for. I think that’s what those high rollers are for.


Brad Wilson (36:37) Cash is for it too. I mean, you think nerves scared? So I like giving it away? He’s he’s one of one.


DGAF (36:43) He’s one of one. Yeah, he’s


Brad Wilson (36:44) not one of one. There are other players. That’s why


DGAF (36:46) I said he can’t he couldn’t come up in this world. Because he wouldn’t get he’s already earned his spot. He’s already. He’s a star. He’s a streaming star. So that’s good. He can play very well. Not that you really just can’t play your hardest in poker in general in life, cash, and especially on stream or you’re not coming back. And so what’s more important, I mean, building that 60s correctly or coming back


Brad Wilson (37:14) to me to me, like it’s the mark of a good poker player, if they can take the worst of it, or do something that is out of line that they know will be long term. Good, right? Like it’s a good long term play. And like, live pros should know that. Right? So I mean, like you said, playing slow. You should play fast. You should get out of line, you should play hands. You’re not supposed to they should go to showdown, you should be unafraid to put the money in.


DGAF (37:39) But you don’t need to do that in tournament folk.


Brad Wilson (37:42) No, no, I’m saying in cash game. So I don’t think there’s anything like wrong with that. I mean, be a good loser. Like when you lose, laugh and just be good for the game. Right? I think I think you can play both hard. And well, and also get out of line. And that’s okay. And I think that like there are places in the big live game hierarchy for that type of player


DGAF (38:09) that you think so that those people don’t have seats and even in games off stream.


Brad Wilson (38:13) I mean, I guess Garrett’s the only one that gets into the game.


DGAF (38:18) Those other guys have to like claw to get a seat. Just in I’m not even talking about on stream. It’s just well, the


Brad Wilson (38:26) world has changed, right? It’s been it’s been seven years since I’ve played live poker in rice, right. So like, the whole private scene and the politicking side of it is not a world that I’ve ever been a part of. And so I don’t understand that ecosystem. I think my major point was like, you can still be good for the game and win money and still play hard right? And people can I enjoy playing with you that that was it.


DGAF (38:56) Yeah, people have to enjoy playing with you. And when you’re playing on stream now you can’t afford to be card debt, especially your first time playing on stream. I hadn’t played a pot I hadn’t entered a pot in 40 minutes and no one would ever accuse me of being a type player. It was just nine three Jack two’s over and over. And finally it was well cut off open on the button suited hand that’s horrible but we’re deep and let’s let’s see what happens here and then of course two other people called and I made a questionable bet on the flop but I like it and um you know I picked up the dream turned on and you got there on the turn. I open ended with a flush draw jammed it in there and he thought and then call the top here but people are gonna fold top pair there a lot and then run it twice and you know, you can get there at least once I didn’t. And I was fine with it. I didn’t


Brad Wilson (39:53) I don’t think there’s that to me. Again.


DGAF (39:56) I mean, it’s a horrible hand 60s is just a horrible and we both can agree on that. It’s the only had a poker game ever play on unfolding. But if I’m trying to earn a spot myself on stream because of how good it can be for everything I do my podcast my commentating even. And everything else I do. Okay, I’ve been carded on playing whatever it gets dealt to me right now. And I did that a bunch, I probably overdid it. In fairness, I couldn’t get a hand. So I literally raised a Stein off. So a lot of it were a lot of things worked. But things I just, I would just accept that I’m part dead in a regular game, right and still be funny and, and have drinks or whatnot. But on stream, I felt I felt pressure internally to be pick,


Brad Wilson (40:40) yeah, you’re you’re playing the game within a game. And again, I think that when you’re playing the game, within a game, at least, you know, cut off first button. It’s like a situation where they’re opening wide and like there are, you know, you do have a six and a deuce, but like you’re not drawing stone dead versus like a cut off flat versus your three button, whatever, like decent things can happen. And it’s not the end of the world, right? So again, you play the game within the game, and the game within the game is getting in there mixing it up with a hand that under normal circumstances you should fold, which I think is you know, the telltale sign of a pro, right? Like, if you’re in that environment on a live stream, and you know, what the deal is, then you’ve got to be entertaining, you have to get in there and mix it up. And that’s just the reality. That’s why you’re there.


DGAF( 41:31) Yeah, I think that’s not just streaming, it’s even more so in a stream game. But just in high stakes live, if you haven’t played a hand in 40 minutes, that kind of kind of forced the action. Of course, you can just be dealt good cards. And then if I’m dealt good cards or a reasonable distribution, I can just fold that one, right, if I have like, if I’m getting like eight, nine suited and whatnot here and there, I’m just not getting anything. So the second time, interestingly enough, the second time I played, I made a big hero call and a big hero fold. And that kind of won over some people. So there’s different ways to earn your spot when you’re playing on stream. I just felt like I should be action. And I’m actually anyways, I don’t care. I always try and bluff. Like, I just love more than anyone ever and no limit Hold’em. But I also people really responded well to a hero fold I made. And so all that all that stuff matters. And the next time I play, I don’t have to be as vewy I can be a little more calculated in my spew I can just go for it when it makes more sense to go for it and whatnot.


Brad Wilson( 42:51) Yeah, I mean, there’s got to be opportunity there right to do something that is engaging. And sometimes in poker, like there are just very long periods of time where there’s no opportunity, and you’re just nothing the stars are not aligning in any single way. And you either force the action or you just don’t play any hands for you know, however long it takes right.


Brad Wilson (43:42) right. Moving forward, you know, after these couple of streams, I assume All you know now you’re going to be playing on stream more often more commentating? What is the near future look like for you.


DGAF (43:59) So starting two days, on Monday, I will be starting a five 510 No limit game at the hustler just for the hustler at 11am. And then I will be playing on stream 10 2040. Usually at night. That’s Mondays. And then Tuesday I’ll be starting 1020 no limit for the hustler in the morning. Playing for five hours taking a quick break, commentating for five hours on the Tuesday game, which is this crazy anti game out there seen it? It’s a great structure. It’s five, five, the blinds are five, five, there’s $100 Big Blind Annie and it plays the plays like a 5100 game easily in size. And then Wednesday I’m also going to be starting games in the morning and putting in a session and taking a quick break. And then I’ll be commentating what will likely be 2550 I’m most Wednesdays and then and then leave la head back on the San Diego to to get all my content together and be a dad for the next few days and then go back up Monday morning and do it again.


Brad Wilson (45:14) Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a lot of time to be in the lab hidden hidden the book. So pretty busy life you got?


DGAF (45:24) Yeah, yeah, I think we were you hadn’t hit record yet. But I said, last time we spoke, I was going to have more balance in my life this year and more time to work on my game and prepare for sessions. And it’s just been the opposite, I have less time to do that. And I’m okay with that. If my life ever slows down, and I get opportunity to play really big, and I have time to like, do all the things you need to do to play your best, including exercise, and study and all that. I may but right now I’m happy with being this content creator and using just my experience to spew spew around and still be a winning player and it’s all good. It’s all going in the right direction.


Brad Wilson (46:15) Yeah, I mean, I was thinking about this the other night, you know, like, mapping out my vision for, you know, chasing poker greatness to podcast by CFP operation, just coaching just really everything, you know, and figuring out like what the future holds. And realize, like, man, a year ago, I felt like I was covered up. And now I feel like I’m covered up and I just have this endless list of things that I need to do have to like feed the podcast beasts have to interact in my community have to, you know, lead this group of human beings that are in my coaching for profits operation. And just kind of had this realization that like, I don’t want it any other way. You know, it’s uh, I don’t know if you’ve ever played games like Diablo, or Path of Exile that are just like dungeon crawlers, you know, hack and slash, you get loot, you upgrade your stuff. And I remember playing those games and thinking like when I’m in the dungeon, right, like when I’m killing all the monsters, thinking like, Man, I can’t wait to get to the next dungeon so that I can like upgrade my gear, man, I can’t wait to get out of this dungeon. And then eventually having the realization that like, slaying the monsters, being in the dungeon being an action is actually the most fun part of this whole process, right? Like this thing


DGAF (47:44) is it’s about the journey, rather than it is.


Brad Wilson (47:47) It’s about the journey, right? Like just this daily grind of hacking and slashing and getting all these things done. I’ve realized, like, I want that, I think, at this stage of my life, I need that. And I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, if I didn’t have, you know, a new dungeon to enter to try to upgrade everything that I’m doing.


DGAF (48:08) Yeah, that’s interesting. I think it’d be okay, working less. But I get what you’re saying. I look, I’m already thinking about next year, because I just set my podcast up for a year. And the way I set it up this year is just so time consuming. And when you think about next year, how can I actually have time to, to live my life and not just work and not just grind. But I understand what you’re saying to a lot of people need that grind. And I’m a little bit older than you I’m ready to have like, some fun in my life. And I really want to do something that’s not gonna make me any money. And that’s I want to coach basketball and coach my kids. Again, I love it so much. And obviously, I’m not gonna make any money. But what I get from it is just incredible. I’ve documented that in my poker podcast, and I see now all these kids that I coached when, when they were really young or a little bit older, and so many of them stuck with it. And I feel like some of it had to do with, with my connection with them with with getting them to be you know, achieve putting them in the right spots in having success and whatnot. So I, I understand a lot of people need to grind. Well, I’m ready to grind a little less.


Brad Wilson (49:36) Yeah, and I don’t want to kind of get, I don’t want to kind of twist like my sentiment here. I do have fun doing what I do. And I think that’s like that’s the thing that I’ve realized is like these conversations to me, this is fun, right? Like I enjoy doing this right? We have with two of my guys John running shoe. John is my tactical Tuesday co host and shoes now the private coach for CPG. You know, in building up our, you know, the coaching for profit the wolves program, we’ve spent Tuesdays we block them off and we call it strategy day, right? And we just spend all day Tuesday grinding and thinking about poker strategy, analyzing data, like bouncing ideas, trying to solve problems. And I’ve come to look forward to Tuesday’s, more than all the other days, I’m hanging out with two human beings that I genuinely love that are my best friends in the world. And we’re solving hard problems. And yeah, it’s like challenging and difficult, but man, it it’s fun. And like, reaching the end of that means that like, we’re not going to be doing that on Tuesdays anymore. You know, not, I’m a realist as a human being, we have these different seasons and phases of our life and things change. But right now, like, I love doing it, I love having these conversations. I love coaching. The wolves, I genuinely do watching somebody, like progress rapidly as a poker player, man that’s fulfilling and really, really fun to me. But it is also time consuming, and it is difficult and challenging. But yeah, I think for me, that is that is the flood, right? Like, maybe there will be more more fun down the road where I can let loose and doesn’t have anything to do with like business building or anything like that. But for now, these are the things that I think are fun. Yeah,


DGAF (51:34) there’s something actually romantic about being on the grind as hard as you and I are. Like, I just dropped off my kids. And it’s Saturday night, and I know, I had this interview with you. And then I need to review and record two pods. And I’m looking forward to like, having my shirt off having to be dark and just really, really fucking delivering some good content. And you then I’m gonna


Brad Wilson (52:01) record in the nude. That was oh,


DGAF (52:05) yeah, absolutely. I used to wear shorts. I will if you want me to.


Brad Wilson (52:12) Yeah, go for it. Man. I would imagine you just sitting in the nude in a dark room.


DGAF (52:17) No, but I like. So I like the connection. I like the rawness of when you’re in a dark room, you got your shirt off, and like, it’s fucking Saturday night, and people aren’t at bars or whatever, you’re not, you’re fucking grinding, you’re, you got your notes that you wrote. And then you reviewed and you thought about, and you hit record, and you start telling a story and you go back in your mind to whatever session it was, whatever day it was in your life, and you just get lost for about an hour. And it’s just fucking raw. And it has, you know, it has technical issues, you say, um, and whatever, a decent amount and use the wrong word here, there, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just so fucking raw, that when you’re done, you feel you feel alive. And you know that when you put it out there, it’s gonna resonate with some people and fucking make them feel alive. I love that part. But so then it’s going to be midnight, and I’m still gonna be working on something, and then it’s gonna be 2am. And I’m gonna be like, Fuck, man, when am I gonna get a night to just go have fun? And so, yeah, that’s what I was trying to say,


Brad Wilson (53:29) you know, I’ve thought about this quite a bit too. Because, like, for me, with these conversations, and most all the conversations that I have on the pod, right? Like, I love them, I cherish them, I would have them off air. You know? I wouldn’t they don’t need to be recorded. But I guess why does the story why does the journey these memories that you have these like these sessions, these characters, this narrative that you’re telling, why does it resonate with you so much, and you feel this pool to, you know, share this bit of your awareness with the rest of the world?


DGAF (54:13) So what would you say that again, what is basically like,


Brad Wilson (54:17) why did these stories resonate with you so much that you feel so compelled to share them?


DGAF (54:22) So there was no, there’s no conscious reason that my podcast became a life story. Just like my thread on two plus two that was famous until I had it removed. It started as a poker story. I just wanted to give something back to people and kind of educate. You can make money in Live Poker by playing your B minus game, you’re gonna make more money playing your B minus than your A plus, because no one’s gonna want to play against your fucking eight plus, and they’re gonna love your B minus, which means you’re gonna be having fun. So I just want and then it just became this kind of epic thread, where I started to talk about my life, I needed to man I needed therapy, I had no idea I needed it. And it just for a few years was in the form of writing on this fucking weird internet forum. And then I started a podcast, and that was a mental health one. And that felt good helping other people, we, my friend, who was a psychiatrist, and I at least saved one life that was that made it all worth it. And then, once I started this, I thought it was just gonna be my sessions I had no plans for for my podcast sessions. And then like I said, about a year into it, I was just sick of poker, I was just running horrible. And I just told the story of my daughter’s third and fourth grade basketball team, their championship run, and I was their coach, and I wound up these girls. And like, we played against tougher teams, and we fucking destroyed them. And I was kind of misplacing my anger with variants on the rest of the league. And it. And anyways, there’s something I felt like doing, it was all organic. And that’s when people said, Man, when you just are feeling what you’re talking about, that’s the shit, you’re a podcaster. And from then on, I knew that anytime you get passionate about something, sometimes it’s a poker hand. Sometimes it’s like a really sick lead, or just really having the heart to go for it when everything’s going wrong. A lot of times, it’s something interesting that happens on a human level at the table. And just knowing that so many people listen, listen, like regularly, three times, four times a week to my podcast, I know who I’m speaking to. And I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s because it’s just, it’s just relatable. It’s, um, no one special, my journey is not that special. It’s unique that that many people have been submerged in the poker world, as long as I have not been. People have been flushed twice, and are trying to do it a third time, but older with kids alimony and all this shit. But uh, I think it’s just, I know that when I’m locked in, and I’m going back in my memory and just telling me a story. Even if trivial shit that happens. It’s comforting to people. It’s solidarity. And that feels good.


Brad Wilson (57:24) I think what you said there, the passion. People respond to passion. Always, you know, people buy passion, people respond to passion, they can tell when somebody’s full of shit, they can tell when somebody’s authentic. And when somebody really loves or something or really cares about something in the podcasting space, specifically, which I don’t know if you did this intuitively or not. But it is a very intimate medium, where you’re speaking directly to someone. And there’s only your voice, right? And so these relationships, people have relationships with the people that they listened to regularly. On podcasts. It’s just, that’s the way that it works, because that’s what the medium is really great for. So you kind of intuitively chose the best medium. I mean, you said earlier, you know, you had your vlog, which was you know, you like in a dark closet. I guess just speaking, it was a


DGAF (58:19) blog. I’ve mixed up the words of fucking blog. Are you old enough to remember those things?


Brad Wilson (58:26) I remember.


DGAF (58:28) But you’re just right. And like three people in the world read it. Yeah, like,


Brad Wilson (58:31) like, my space. What were the other ones? There were some like other popular blogs back in the day that I’m blanking on that I can’t remember. But I remember like, I remember when blogs became a word. It wasn’t even like a word before, like some time in the late 90s. I don’t remember it well, because I’m getting older and my memories a little bit faulty in my teenage years. But yeah, man, it’s good. I think that like, you enjoy telling stories. You’re passionate about it. And I also think you’re passionate about helping people and making people’s lives better in any way that you can. I think that’s something that drives you else. Why would you keep making content? Why would you have a podcast? Why would you feel compelled to even write a two plus two posts in the first place? Yeah,


DGAF (59:20) I mean, it’s not that pure anymore. I wrote on two plus two all the time when I had plenty of money. And for sure, it’s me wanting to keep my kids in their situation in their in their, you know, very privileged situation which they didn’t need what they had before I got any clue in life that I didn’t want to disrupt it when I started getting a clue in life. So and then I also want to like come up financially, and my podcast does well financially. I literally get a raise every single month since I started a Patreon page in April of 2018. I think It was or not, I’m sorry, April 2019. And it’s over 5k now and providing value, I have almost 1000 hours of fucking spew. It’s it’s bedtime stories, it’s going for a walk story. It’s a so it’s, that’s the passion where you get it. But also, I know this is my way out, if I don’t have the patience to sit at a poker table for a grind and fold in, and like I don’t want it to be fake, and I don’t have that anymore. I want to be at a poker table, having fun, and using it for content, and also to show people that you can win and goof around. And that’s what I do when I


Brad Wilson (1:00:41) said they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Right? You can do the thing you’re passionate about and pay your way through life at the same time. I think that’s just like, it makes a lot of sense. And speaking of you know, I’ve been one of your patrons now for, I don’t know, year and a half, two years, I have no idea how long it goes. I just got some money you ever spent? Actually, you sent me money last year, I don’t even know like, I think I broke even last year, you’re like, hey, you won some money. And I don’t even know what I want it for. But I was like, Alright, man, you want to send me send me the money, I guess send me the money. But yeah, it’s one of those things where it’s like, you know, I know Billy’s out there in the world doing good things, helping people. It’s like, it’s an honor to send you my, whatever, 14 or $18 a month, however much it is. And then somehow it gets sent back to me, I I still don’t really know what happened, it gets,


DGAF (1:01:35) let me explain how to get sent that. Well, thank you first of all, and it means a lot when anyone signs up. And there are different tiers for 20 to $4.20 a month, it’s the lowest one. And that means a ton to me when anyone does, when peers do it, it obviously is a little extra special. And then, so you’re at a higher tier, and your tier gets a free role in the World Series of Poker main event every year. And that’s what happened. You had a tiny piece of someone who won their way through the home games we have in the community that I’ve built, there has no rate no one takes any rate, it just goes all back to the players. And so you had a piece of check raise Charles, if you know who that is. He played the main event and he got not in cash, but the next one up. And so everyone that’s here got a little piece that basically paid for their their Patreon image for that year. And if he had won it, you would have come up you wouldn’t like make that money. Because you had whatever percent of him right and I don’t need cash for store did he get like 1k or 17k? Whatever you say, he got like, you know, if you want to you want to everyone want to get a lot. So that’s how that happened.


Brad Wilson (1:02:50) Yeah, it was like 200 bucks, something like that. Which Yeah, basically paid for my year of sponsoring you which, which to me, it was like, you know, at first I was like, I don’t really, I feel bad. You know, like, just, I almost said, Men, like it’s fine. You know, it’s cool, just keep it but then I realized, like, you know what, I guess like this is Billy’s way of like blessing the people who have helped him out and him giving back. And apparently it’s built into the fine print, which I never looked at ever even looked at the imprint in the first place. But um, yeah, it was really cool. And yeah, I can’t suggest to the CPG listener, enough to support content creators where you can because you know, in this world, you know, the poker world. We’ve kind of alluded to it in this in this episode, right of like, you know, you can play poker for a living Live Poker is is a different world than it used to be. You have to politic you have to do things now that I did not have to do back in the day. And it’s difficult. And as it relates to the content space, you know, you’ve been making stuff for four or five years before somebody threw you a lifeline right before you had outside assistance that really helped greatly what you were doing and elevated it. So yeah, we’re all out here trying to do the best that we can. And we have to support the other content creators because God knows the poker world at large, the poker platforms. Generally the casinos, nobody’s out here facilitating and helping people. They do it because they love it. They do it because they’re passionate about it. And they don’t do it to get rich. So yeah, to the CPG listener, if you want to support Mr. DGAF. Please visit his Patreon. What’s the website there?


DGAF (1:04:49) It’s patreon.com/dgaf poker player.


Brad Wilson (1:04:53) There you go. And we’ll put that in the show notes as well so that you can click through.


DGAF (1:04:57) I appreciate that. So let me just say that it. So not quite the ideal as I was before with regard to anonymity, I still, I will say that I don’t think I’m anyone special. I know I’m no one special, but I don’t think anyone’s special. I think we’re all just who we are and about the same and have good have bad and good strengths, weaknesses, whatever.


Brad Wilson (1:05:21) But maybe we’re, I’m special, Billy. We’re all


DGAF (1:05:25) special however you want to, but we’re not. There’s like 7 billion of us no matter, man. But if you can do stuff for other people, that’s, that’s good. Anyways, I remain an idealist. And that I don’t want to put I know, one thing I can do is provide an escape when I get locked in when, after I’m done with you. And I review my notes or whatever and, and the sun goes down. And it’s dark in here. And like I said, my shirts off, and I got a fucking mountain to zero. And I’m connecting, I know who I’m speaking to into the microphone, and I’m going back, I have notes, but I’m also going back to my mind. So when I’m doing that, when I get locked, which is not always and my listeners are impatient, but when I do I know, everyone who’s listening, as long as they’re not busy doing something, they’re not thinking about their own shit. They’re getting a break from their own ship for one hour. And that feels great. That’s the escape. And so I don’t want to when they the moment is they forget about shit like kids fucking up in school. I live kind of hates me. I don’t know if my boss is gonna give me a raise. Whatever it is, the moment they forget about that, that’s so healthy to get that break. I don’t want to be like, Have you thought about getting a new toothbrush? That’s also a hairbrush. Like, I just I can’t do it. So that’s why I went to Patreon and it’s I know I’m not feeling one who doesn’t a lot of people cut out the the advertisers and just say you want this shit without without ads. You know, sign up for a few bucks a month and add value in other ways. And I not only do they have endless content, but they also have a community that’s pretty amazing, called DGAF community. And I talked about that a lot. My content as well.


Brad Wilson (1:07:18) Yeah, it’s on Slack. And I haven’t been around very much because I have my own Slack community man. So much to do. I can’t I can’t be everywhere at once, you know, oh, by the way, this will probably be the last time I ever say this in my life. But like when you were in just in DGAF mode right there. I felt like I Mean Gene Okerlund in the 80s were whole Cogan you know cutting a promo for whatever event he’s about to throw down. So yeah, let’s I think me gene and the Hulk. We’re gonna wrap this one up. You can wait till the sun goes down. Take your shirt off, hook up.


DGAF (1:08:05) I’m gonna get fully naked tonight. Prayer broke up. Yeah, yeah, for sure.


Brad Wilson (1:08:13) There we go. If the CVG listener, at this point in time wants to check more of you out, where can they go? I guess the hustler livestream may be the best place these days. I don’t know you tell them where you want them to go hold.


DGAF (1:08:29) So if they want to check out the podcast, it’s just called sessions DGA, if you could search dgf, or sessions should be the first thing that pops up. The it’s a dragon. For my nickname, Dragon Man. That’s the design this year and the design having a train. That was season three men were in season five. You train with season three, there’s so I like to come up with a different theme and different intro and outro all that. So they, if they want to hear the pod, they can I keep some stuff public and most of its private. And then they can also check out hustler casino live on YouTube. It’s just phenomenal entertainment. And I’m lucky as hell to be to be a part of it to be on that that rocket ship. It’s gone. It’s it hasn’t been in existence for a year yet. And it has, I think about 100,000 subscribers already. And it’s just unbelievable. Picture quality, sound quality. And like I said people like Dave TaqMan working on the show, Garrett Alstyne playing and also these other characters you wouldn’t know but you can find me there and you’ll you know, that’s probably we get sick of me if you both watch that show and the sweat pod but whatever


Brad Wilson (1:09:47) luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and one can make the argument you know, you’ve been preparing for quite a while for the opportunity and the opportunity was somewhat inevitable. You know, like you said as well. long as you stay alive long enough, I think the opportunity would be inevitable. But it’s great, you know, seeing all the good things, wish many, many, many, many more good things upon you in the upcoming year. And, yeah, we’ll have you on. Who knows sooner rather than later, I’ll assume.


DGAF (1:10:20) Thanks a lot, Brad, I wish you the best as well. And I know things are on a similar trajectory in your career right now. And that makes me equally as happy.


Brad Wilson (1:10:31) It’s great. Great stuff, man. Peace out. Peace.


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